People all over the world are getting ready for the holiday season, from picking out the perfect gifts to deciding what to serve guests at a party. One Twitter user recently went viral after sharing his mom’s hilarious schedule of what they’ll do over the holidays, as well as what they’ll eat. 

One Twitter User’s ‘Incredibly Thorough’ Holiday Plans Go Viral

“My mom’s annual ‘home for the holidays’ email to me and my siblings just dropped,” writer Khalid El Khatib tweeted, along with a screenshot of his mom’s email. “An incredibly thorough, detail-rich look ahead at how it’s possible for me to gain 15 lbs in one week.”

The email is a detailed schedule and menu for the days leading up to Christmas, with entries about the activities the family will do and what meals they will eat. “Sunday, the 18th: Arrivals,” Khatib’s mom wrote. “Rest and Happy Joes Pizza for dinner. There will be puffed popcorn, Chex mix, and various candies available for grazing throughout the day.”

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The schedule went on to detail a “work day” with chili for dinner, a “summer burger night,” a trip to a local brewery for lunch, and an “evening out.” The Friday before Christmas Eve, Khatib’s mother wrote, “Ladies have manicures…Boys babysit…Lunch out at Stonecliff Winery. Boys can join if they want.”

Khatib followed up the original tweet with screenshots of the rest of the email, which included an extremely detailed menu of what the family will eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The tweets quickly went viral, and many jokingly asked if they could join in on the family’s holiday plans. 

People Ask How They ‘Sign Up For This Week Of Wonder?!’

“invite me pls, I want to join [the girls’] mani pedi wine tasting day,” one person replied. Another wrote, “Bourbon tasting? Ina’s mac and cheese? Hallmark of The Midwest? Manicures? Taco dip? How do I sign up for this week of wonder?!”

Others praised Khatib’s mom for her organization skills. “Anyone thinking this is ‘over scheduled’ doesn’t appreciate how much stress this removes from the week for everyone involved,” one person wrote. “No last-minute planning, no surprises. It sounds like heaven.”

Khatib’s family plans sound like an amazing way to celebrate Christmas—his mother’s commitment to organization has impressed Twitter users and given us plenty of ideas about how to run our own holiday celebrations! 

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