Now that there are so many streaming services and social media platforms available, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon online communities you never knew existed—so here’s one you should know about.

Inflation and isolation have been tough on pretty much everyone, and there’s an amazing group of ladies on YouTube who create content that helps with both of those issues, serving to keep you company and help you save money! These creators are affectionately called “Dollar Tree Moms,” and they are awesome for countless reasons. 

Such channels consist of Gen X women, mostly mothers, who share the latest deals, rare finds, organizational hacks, and DIY crafts that retailer Dollar Tree has to offer. You won’t find a more positive, supportive community anywhere else. The joy these ladies radiate is contagious—you can tell they really want others to benefit from their discoveries.

Here is a list of my personal top five Dollar Tree Moms, as well as what they’re known for and why you should totally check them out.

1. Thrifty Tiffany

“Hey y’all, it’s Thrifty Tiffany, and I am back with another Dollar Tree haul, yes y’all, a Dollar Tree haul!”

It’s hard to explain how pure and lovely this woman really is. From her adorable intro to the genuine enthusiasm she exudes when sharing her latest deal, this Atlanta native is probably my favorite Dollar Tree Mom. When watching her videos, it’s easy to feel like you’re just hanging out with an old friend.

Tiffany, a mother of three, mostly shares “haul” videos, where she lets you in on all the latest deals and new finds she has scored.

One of the best things about her channel is that she gives some great inspiration for gift baskets or sets, which she sometimes donates to charity. She even posts the occasional “Dollar Tree empties” video to show the items she will be repurchasing.

2. Glue Guns & Roses

OK, so Megan is the queen of Dollar Tree DIY. I mean seriously, I do not know how she comes up with so many amazing craft ideas, but she pulls it off every time. While she does post lots of seasonal decor ideas, she has a whole host of evergreen compilations containing DIY home decor that actually looks expensive!

Something I really love about Megan is that she makes everything look so simple and she gives alternative options for how to achieve the same result in case you’re missing a certain material at your local Dollar Tree. Her organization hacks are pretty awesome as well, but if there’s one Dollar Tree DIY channel you should watch, it’s hers.

3. Chic On The Cheap

This channel is run by the bubbly Sara Jane, and while she has some awesome DIY ideas, I want to spotlight her home hacks. She tests the items she showcases, and she’s not afraid to let you know which products didn’t impress as well as the must-haves on her list.

Sara is extremely thorough in her videos as well—in the video linked above, she even went so far as to research the effectiveness of different products in killing germs and offer alternative products depending on each viewer’s lifestyle. She is a truly versatile Dollar Tree YouTuber (she’s not technically a ‘mom’), but she really shines with her blunt and backed-up reviews.

4. Do It On A Dime

Kathryn is probably the most well-known Dollar Tree Mom on this list, with a cool 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube. She covers more stores than just Dollar Tree, but of course, we are focusing on DT, so I want to highlight her organizing hacks. 

From kitchen cabinet reorganization to tips for organizing a small room, Kathryn knows what she’s doing, and she’s happy to share her knowledge with the world. I would highly recommend checking out her decluttering tips when it’s time to declutter for the new year.

5. Bargain Bethany

The final entry on this list is Bargain Bethany, whom I also recommend for her organization hacks—though she is constantly posting about new products and gift or decor ideas. Her goofy personality shines through, and viewers are sometimes lucky enough to get a glimpse of her adorable son, Cooper. 

Whether you’re looking for a new way to store your gift wrap or a fun craft to do with your kids, I can’t recommend any of these channels enough—and there are more where these wonderful ladies come from.

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