Bigg Boss 16 fans have loved the bond of Abdu Rozik and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. But Sajid Khan was too worried that Abdu Rozik would end up with hurt feelings after his one-sided love story with the actress. The matter got dragged on and finally Salman Khan put an end to it. He openly asked Abdu Rozik about his feelings on national television. The Tajik singer said that he has overcome those feelings and now it is only friendship. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s mother Inderpreet Kaur has now spoken to Bollywood Life about the whole matter. She said she is thankful to Salman Khan for gracefully handling the issue.

She tells us, “Honestly, it was very organic and beautiful friendship. Within all the chaos, they had a great bond. Nimrit is mature enough to let him know that she respects his feelings but drew that line. She did not wish to hurt him. She told him of the age difference between them. She had clarified on at least six different occasions.” Inderpreet Kaur said that she is glad that Salman Khan clarified whatever happened. “I do not wish to name people but the manner in which it got dragged was somewhat unpleasant. I appreciate Salman Khan for beautifully handling the matter,” she states.

The lady says there is nothing wrong if Abdu Rozik fell for Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. She says, “It is a human feeling. He is so adorable…such a sweetheart. His heart is full of love and he has positive vibes. It is wrong for anyone to judge their relationship and give it a bad name. That aspect disturbed me. You can love someone and that love can be in any form of love.” The lady said that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia understood diversity being an Army kid. “She understands diversity and knows how to give respect to every adult. It was someone they discussed as two adults,” she said.

She said she is glad that finally some housemates have stopped talking about it. “Salman Khan did not make it embarrassing for Nimrit or Abdu. It was done beautifully. I want Abdu back on the show. We are looking forward to his comeback. The whole nation loves Abdu Rozik. He is the biggest stressbuster.” Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s mom says she is confident that the friendship is for a lifetime. She says she enjoys the relaxed live feed moments.

She says the friendship is great as both are artistes from two different nations. Inderpreet Kaur said this proves that human bonds extend beyond physical and geographical boundaries. It is a humane bond. “I would love to host Abdu, Shiv, Sumbul and the whole gang at our home after the season ends. I have told Nimrit that all differences should be kept only for the game,” she says.

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