Menopause can include a lot of symptoms we expect (e.g., night sweats) and some we don’t (genitourinary syndrome, burning mouth syndrome, and perimenopause rage). As menopause and its symptoms have historically been a taboo subject, so have the products and treatments to deal with these symptoms.

Luckily, many women have started speaking out about them, and thanks to them we’ve made a number of truly innovative discoveries this year.

1. A Genius Cooling Mist For Hot Flashes

Hot flashes have a habit of showing up at the absolute worst times—like right in the middle of a busy workday. But honestly, is there ever really a good time for a hot flash (maybe if you happen to be outside during a blizzard when one strikes)? 

This common menopause symptom can affect your whole body and your mood, and it can be detrimental to your work performance. To get some relief when you start to feel that heat creeping up your neck, try the Kindra Cool Down Mist. 

It will instantly reduce the intensity of your hot flash, and within 20 minutes you’ll feel its therapeutic effects. A total game-changer.

2. The Perfect Snack For Mitigating Menopause Symptoms

Entrepreneur, author, and business coach Julie Gordon White spent the pandemic baking sweet treats for her sons, which she of course also helped herself to. Combining that with her menopause-related hormone changes, White soon found herself gaining weight.

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She started experimenting to find the perfect sweet-and-salty snack with natural ingredients that could also help with menopause symptoms. This is the Bossa Bars origin story, and it’s also how White discovered maca, a root that helps balance hormones and blood sugar.

Bossa Bars

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3. A Line Of Cooling PJs For Night Sweats

According to Laura Musall, no one understands just how serious night sweats are until you experience them yourself. She’s the 50-something founder of Cool Revolution, a line of cooling PJs for night sweats—or, as Musall calls it, “next-level sweat.”

She looked everywhere for cooling PJs made for women but couldn’t find anything that was comfortable or flattering. So Musall enlisted her friend Mindy Ford, and they contacted women’s health experts, designers, and developers before developing the perfect fabric.

“This is going to sound really gross, but I wore them multiple times to see how many days in a row I could sweat in them,” Musall laughed. “I just wanted to know.”

And these PJs aren’t just for bedtime. Musall’s clothing line includes pieces that are perfect for daytime too, just in case those frustrating hot flashes show up unannounced as they’re wont to do.

4. A Menopause Brand Created By Naomi Watts 

The Watcher star Naomi Watts was blindsided when she started experiencing perimenopausal symptoms in her 30s. Watts was surprised to discover a lack of community and wondered why no one was discussing the issue of transitioning into menopause.

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That’s why the 54-year-old recently launched the brand Stripes, which provides menopause-related products, education, resources, and a community for women who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause.

5. Scientifically-Backed Foot Massages

Sleep disturbances are a common menopause symptom. They affect our mood, concentration, immunity, and stress tolerance. But as we found out this year, the non-hormonal solution to poor sleep could be a foot massage.

The body tends to produce less serotonin during menopause, which means it can’t produce as much melatonin to prepare the body for sleep. Massage therapy restores those serotonin levels, which in turn increases melatonin production, thus allowing you a better night’s sleep.

6. Skincare That Caters To The Unique Needs of Mature Skin

As we transition into menopause and our estrogen levels plummet, most of us will see significant changes in our skin. Mature skin has unique needs and requires beauty products that specifically cater to those needs. That’s why No7’s new line of five skincare products for menopausal skin should be part of your daily skincare routine.

This collection is a must, as it addresses six key menopausal skin concerns: dryness, dullness, sensitivity, lack of firmness, uneven skin tone, and lines and wrinkles.

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