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Fashion generally goes through cycles, some of which are more tolerable than others. The popularity of different pants styles is no exception. I’ve witnessed my fair share of trends die and be reborn; meanwhile, I’ve been sitting comfortably in my skinny jeans for about a decade now. 

But even I can feel the tides turning, and I’ve begun to hear the siren song of different styles of pants. What was once old will be new again, and high-waisted, wide-legged denim is all the rage now.

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Here at Suggest, we’ve covered a slew of notable pants trends in the past year. There are a few we hope will stick around for the long haul (love the linen look), but we’re hoping others will stay in 2022 (smell ya later, double-waisted jeans!).

Let’s take a look back at some of our favorites, along with a couple of questionable styles that emerged (or reemerged) this year.

Linen Pants

It bears repeating that we hope linen pants are here to stay. We love the undone, relaxed look they give us and their ability to keep us cool in the hottest months of the year. Celebs like Meghan Markle and Jennifer Garner were spotted wearing this trend in 2022, so we’re hopeful this trend will come back around in the summertime for years to come.

Cargo Pants

These aren’t your ex-boyfriend’s old cargo pants. You know the ones, super baggy with frayed edges and holes galore—those can stay in the ’90s grunge scene where they belong. But we’ve gotta admit, these updated takes on cargo pants are pretty dang cute. They have functional pockets for women (what a concept!) and come in an array of variations: joggers, classic straight-leg, linen, and countless more.

Split-Hem Pants

Split-hem pants seemed to come out of nowhere, but everyone from Tracee Ellis Ross to Margot Robbie sported the trend in the past year. The style can be dressed up or down and, rumor has it, it can even make you look taller. These pants elongate the leg while giving you a chance to show off your shoes. They’re available in styles that make them suitable for everything from the gym to the office and everything in between.

Double-Waisted Jeans

If you’re into trying something different and buttons that go on for days, then the double-waisted jean trend might be right up your alley. These pants make it look as though you’re wearing jeans on top of your jeans, but if you’re into that, we say go for it! We, on the other hand, had very mixed feelings about wearing two waistbands at once.

Whale Tails

This highly-controversial trend from the early 2000s is apparently back, but luckily I haven’t spotted anyone wearing it out and about … yet. Allowing your g-string or thong to peek over your waistline is provocative, to be sure. But the recurrence of this trend means that low-rise pants are also back, and I can hear the collective groan of everyone who never wanted to see those again. We’ll be over here in our high-waisted pants for the foreseeable future, thanks.

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