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Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on astrology.com, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by theplanetstoday.com. While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

On Tuesday, January 3rd, a not-quite-full gibbous Moon straddles the line between the 8th House of Reincarnation and the 9th House of Philosophy. From this vantage point, it forms a flirtatious (if not uneventful) sextile with Jupiter and a harmonious, action-oriented trine with Venus. Meanwhile, the Sun remains under Capricorn.

Where does your sign fit into the celestial mix?

The path before you is not as foreign as it might appear, Aries. Don’t get so hung up on the little details. If you were to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you’d realize you’ve navigated this road before.

The stars urge you to reconsider what’s important for you to feel safe in your immediate environment. What got you by in years past might no longer be sufficient today. Indeed, this is a natural part of personal evolution, Taurus.

Constantly trying to please everyone and say the right thing is a recipe for disaster. No one is immune to the occasional slip-up, and if you’re constantly trying to put yourself on a pedestal, that will only make the fall worse.

If there’s one area of your life that should be free of miscommunication and passive-aggression, it’s your home. This is your dojo, Cancer. Ask questions if you have them. But make sure you’re speaking clearly, too.

You’re too deep in your head, Leo. Take some time to reconnect with your surroundings. This can look like alone time in nature or a brief analysis of what each of your five senses is experiencing. Either way, snap out of it.

It’s easy to assume that those closest to us understand our intentions and compensate for our shortcomings every time. But that isn’t the case. Longevity can change. Don’t let these deeper bonds fall by the wayside.

You have an incredibly strong moral compass, which means you don’t need anyone telling you right from wrong. If something feels off to you, then it probably is. Listen to your gut, Libra. You’re more intuitive than you think.

It’s time to put all that sulking and people-watching to good use, Scorpio. Indeed, keen perception offers the answers you seek. In the meantime, avoid external distractions while you figure out what it’s trying to tell you.

Don’t things seem less chaotic when you stop viewing everything like a race? While your work ethic is admirable, you’ve been running on fumes for far too long. It’s time to slow down and loosen up a bit.

You can keep trying to resist your body’s urge to rest all you want. But eventually, it will get its way. Wouldn’t you rather take the time off now than wait for your body to force you to do so? You deserve a break, Cap.

The stars urge you to reassess what’s most important to you. Despite your best efforts, you won’t be able to juggle everything at once in the new year. So, what do you want to keep, and what can you leave behind?

Be wary of making your mind up about someone’s intentions before asking them. They could be doing the same thing about you, and then what? If you want this relationship to work, then it has to function in reality—not your imagination.

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