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For weeks before the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All special began, fans had one question:

What’s next? There was no word about the next iteration of the franchise, let alone an announcement or trailer.

Now, we have the trailer (below) for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4. This season will be notably different.

The first season without Jenny and Sumit, we see a couple with a 43-year age difference. The show has a long-awaited representation milestone. And a Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couple joins the cast.

During a motorcycle ride in the trailer, Jen admits to Rishi that she wishes that he had worn pants.

As in the first three seasons, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows couples who are moving between countries for love.

The twist is, of course, that it is the American partner who is uprooting and moving abroad.

This season is full of fresh faces, with only one familiar couple. And, as we noted, some long overdue representation milestones that viewers (and producers) had been hoping to see for years.

Kris and Jeymi share a kiss after the former arrives in Colombia.

Kris is from Alabama, and she’s racing against the clock as she flies down to Colombia to meet up with Jeymi.

The two plan on marrying very quickly — for what we assume are very good reasons.

As excited as we are for this wlw (women-loving-women) pair, viewers are already bracing themselves for potential fights. And for toxicity from fellow fans.

Oussama treats Debbie, who is 43 years his senior, to new experiences in Morocco.

And then we have Debbie from Georgia and Oussama from Morocco. Apparently, they bonded over a shared love of art.

We don’t officially know their ages yet, but we do know that the two have an astonishing 43-year age gap.

That doesn’t mean that either of these grown adults are doing anything wrong. But … it sure raises some questions. And some concerns.

Daniele is a familiar face, and she and Yohan are still having the same problems that we saw on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean.

People sometimes forget that Love in Paradise: The Caribbean is part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Daniele and Yohan are here to remind everyone.

These two are married. Apparently, Daniele is now planning to move to the Dominican Republic. If we believe that.

The trailer makes it clear that they are still having the same issues as before — Daniele is the breadwinner, and Yohan has gender role expectations that clash with reality.

Jen learns that her man is eager to impress other women — not knowing that they are her friends, testing him.

On this franchise and others, we have all seen people “test” their partners by having friends flirt with them anonymously and see how they respond.

From what we see in this trailer, Jen’s friends are doing that for her.

Testing the waters with Rishi leads to some sweltering results — in the form of a thirst trap DM.

Rishi has every right to show off his body, but perhaps not in the DMs of other women.

It was Rishi who first proposed to Jen, so why is he now sending his (genuinely jaw-dropping) hot bod to other ladies?

Perhaps there is an innocent explanation. But it looks like Rishi is acting like he doesn’t know that he’s in a relationship.

Funnily enough, his family — who want to arrange a marriage for him — actually don’t know that he’s in a relationship with Jen. That could be interesting.

Gabe is anxious for his potential future in-laws to learn more about him. Bigotry can destroy relationships, and he doesn’t know how Isabel’s parents will react to him.

Gabriel is a young entrepreneur from Florida. He has traveled for work, including to Colombia.

There, he met Isabel and the two fell in love.

Though the trailer does not specify his “secret,” Gabe is transgender. While that’s truly no one’s business, he and Isabel both feel anxious about how her parents will respond.

Isabel hopes to avoid having to choose between her love for Gabe and her parents — if her parents have a bigoted reaction to getting to know Gabe.

It looks like Gabe does come out as trans to her parents. They are both nervous.

Trans men, just like trans women and the entire nonbinary community, can face rejection, discrimination, and violence.

No one wants to see a bigoted reaction here. Especially not Isabel, who loves Gabe and doesn’t want to have to choose between him and her parents if her parents’ reactions are transphobic.

As we have seen on other seasons, Nicole does not feel at home in Egypt, to Mahmoud’s chagrin.

Nicole embarked upon a “spiritual tour” of Egypt. She met Mahmoud in a fabric store. That day, he proposed to her.

If you think that that sounds nuts, she returned to Egypt three weeks later. The two married. As you may have guessed, she did not run by her friends and family.

From the trailer, it appears that Nicole is experiencing some buyer’s remorse when it comes to her move to Egypt.

Jeymi and Kris will see some conflict this season, including a verbal spat that has the latter storming away.

Unfortunately, Jeymie and Kris’ love story seems to have a few bumps in the road.

With a very short window for marriage (we’re not sure why that is, just yet), they still have time to fight.

Raised voices lead to Kris feeling frustrated and then storming off during one tense moment during the trailer.

Oussama responds to criticism by listing other negative descriptions of himself. That’s one tactic, we suppose.

When Debbie accuses Oussama of being “creepy,” he begins to list criticisms of himself.

Perhaps he is repeating ways that she — or perhaps others — have described him.

But it appears that things are going from bad to worse for these two.

Debbie says that Oussama “urinated” on all of her trust for him. That’s one way of putting it.

“He took my trust and he urinated all over it,” Debbie complains in a very memorable moment during the trailer.

“I’m ashamed of you,” she then scolds him. “You’re weak.”

You can watch the trailer in full right here. What a mess!

We are sure that there is more to come soon. In the coming weeks, we could hear about new twists or even an additional couple.

We should all know more before the Season 4 premiere on Sunday, January 29.

It’s all sure to be a wild ride.