Rapper Lil Durk (birth name is Durk Derrick Banks) made his reputation in the entertainment industry with studio albums like Lil Durk 2X (2016), Remember My Name (2015), Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 (2020), and 7220 (2022).

Born on October 19, 1992, Durk has been nominated three times for Grammy Awards and once for a NAACP award. He reportedly had six children with five different women. It’s unclear if he is still in a relationship with his girlfriend, India Royale. His former spouse, Nicole Covone, was his high school sweetheart and is the mother of two of Lil Durk’s kids.

Covone is from Chicago. She has been doing well as a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is prominent on social media, including TikTok and Instagram. What’s Covone up to right now? We looked into that and this is what we know.

Nicole Covone Was Lil Durk’s First Wife

They started going out together when they were teenagers and reportedly wed in 2013. They share Lil Durk’s two oldest children—Angelo Banks, born on November 29, 2011, and Bella Banks, born on July 19, 2013.

It seems like the couple had all the makings of happy domesticity, but events cropped up that made that difficult. When Covone was pregnant with Bella, Lil Durk got into some pretty serious hot water. According to BET, he was arrested on June 5, 2013 in Chicago for allegedly having a loaded weapon.

Covone, who was just 20 years old and about to give birth, was solidly in Lil Durk’s corner. “He’s innocent,” she insisted. His attorney claimed that the gun was owned by a pal of Lil Durk’s, Clarence January.

Then another problematic issue surfaced. Zayden, Lil Durk’s third child, was born to him and another woman whose identity is unknown. Zayden came into the world not long after Bella’s birth. What should have been a joyous time for Lil Durk and Covone thus turned out to be troubled.

Zayden’s arrival and Lil Durk’s apparent unfaithfulness proved to be the final straws for Covone. According to The Things, “Nicole was not able to move past all the lying and cheating.” She reportedly took steps to divorce the rapper.

Despite the unfortunate breakup of her marriage, Covone seems to be a devoted mother to Bella and Angelo. She posts about them frequently on Instagram and Facebook, including sweet snaps of the pair dressed up for Christmas, posing with the Los Angeles Dodgers mascot, and clad in cute outfits.

Covone Is A Boss Babe

Covone’s business skill has helped her to become the CEO of a company called Credit Clique, which gives people assistance when they need tax services, help with fixing their credit and want to attain financial stability.

It looks like a mostly woman-led venture. Of the 21 employees pictured on their web site, only two are men. The company’s Instagram mentions their philosophy—“Your mind is your greatest asset”—and states that they guarantee results in 30 to 45 days.

Covone Inspired Her Daughter To Go Into Business, Too

Bella may be young, but she already has her sights set high as an aspiring businesswoman. Her mom is a worthy role model, having achieved notable success of her own.

Bella is CEO of Bella Beauty, a company that features, according to its web site, “simple, vegan and cruelty free everyday products” for young fashionistas. There is a pink makeup bag crammed with all kinds of fun goodies that little girls love—a charm bracelet, a scrunchy, a mirror, a keychain, a lip brush and lip scrubs.

Bella is clearly a creative, go-getting budding entrepreneur already! Covone is obviously very pleased about of her daughter’s youthful success. She posted an adorable pic on Instagram of Bella toting a bunch of her beauty bags with a message that reads in part: “Yesterday my princess launched her first business venture proud would be an understatement I’m just grateful I’m in a place to be able to teach her the importance of financial freedom and to assist her on how to become her own boss setting my kids up for the future is one of my main goals.”

Nicole Covone’s marriage to Lil Durk ended, but her career is definitely on the upswing. She seems like a savvy, unstoppable force. Covone sets a great example of how to be a survivor for both of her kids. We’re excited to see what she, Bella, and Angelo accomplish in the future.