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Few celebrities are known by one name only. Those who are have usually made it to the pinnacle of the entertainment world. Cher and Madonna are two famous examples.

Add to those names another: Fabio. Although he never approached those two ladies’ superstar status, he surely did have his moment in the sun.

The swashbucklingly handsome, ultra-masculine Italian-American pitchman and romance novel cover model had women everywhere enthralled by his charm.

His name was used to promote all kinds of merchandise, from a Sam’s Club clothing line to fitness videos to hair products.

Fabio famously hawked one product whose name will always be associated with him: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, which he said he uses himself. He seemed not to take himself too seriously, either, which only accentuated his appeal.

He isn’t as ubiquitous as he used to be, though. Where is Fabio now and what is he doing? We looked into those questions. Turns out he’s been busy and productive.

Fabio Is Still Health Conscious

Fabio sits on boat in blue jeans and black henley top
(Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb)

Fabio, who was born on March 15, 1959, rigorously maintains a strict, healthy diet. No one can stave off the effects of the aging process or guarantee their own longevity. Still, Fabio does what he can to ensure both to the greatest degree possible. Retaining his trim, youthful physique is essential to him.

He told New Idea in March 2021 that his spartan regimen includes consuming little or no alcohol, going heavy on greens and protein, and skipping sugar and cheese. Fabio bypasses cigarettes too, claiming he has never smoked. He also favors oatmeal, egg whites omelets, and lots of fish with veggies.

His take on healthy eating is simple: “Your body should be treated like a Lamborghini. Put premium race fuel in it.”

However, Fabio’s fitness routine includes one ritual that isn’t available to most people: getting his zzz’s in a hyperbaric chamber. In his view, it “reverses the aging process” (per People).

As strange as that last part may seem, he must be doing something right. In 2016, Sports Illustrated declared that Fabio “is still in incredible shape.” He doesn’t let himself get lax about maintaining his body. He shared that his rigorous workouts feature dirt biking, weights, and cardio.

He’s Looking For Love

Surprisingly, this gorgeous, likable fellow who is associated with romance novels has never walked down the aisle himself. Fabio said that there was a long-ago soulmate he apparently loved and lost who meant a lot to him.

“I still think I met my perfect match when I was 23,” he confided. “Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it at the time. I was a bit too wild back then. I broke up with her after six years together and I still regret it.” His efforts to reunite with her proved futile.

Finding the right woman to spend his life with is still one of Fabio’s top personal goals—and he knows exactly what he wants. “I’m still actively looking for that special someone,” he said. “Someone who is confident in themselves and has themselves together.”

He has a preference for Australian women. Australia, he said, has “the most beautiful women in the world. I’m definitely going to come to Australia to look for a wife, that’s for sure. Australian women, they’re the best, period.”

What else is he keen on in a partner? Calling himself “old-fashioned,” Fabio said he likes to meet women in person rather than on the Internet. A sense of humor gets his attention. He’s not a fan of social media, so Twitter and Instagram fanatics need not apply.

Savoring the environment matters to Fabio, too. “She has to be able to be in the middle of nature. She can’t be afraid about bugs.”

Becoming a dad is another heartfelt goal on his checklist. “I would love to have kids one day,” Fabio acknowledged.

“I want to show the world to my child. But I think it’s important to meet the right person first. I’m out there still actively looking.” Being an unwed parent doesn’t seem to be an option for him.

He Launched His Own Hair And Skincare Line for Men In 2021

Women love beauty products that make them feel pampered. Even the packaging should exude prestige, exclusivity, and quality. Fabio evidently believes that men appreciate the same kind of high-end self-care.

The Aston James by Fabio line of personal care products—which he created with Australian entrepreneurs Daniel Phillips and Liam Robinson—is marketed as uniquely opulent. The brand’s website declares, “We set out to bring the experience of buying a Rolex to the men’s personal care space.”

“We spent a long time choosing the best ingredients and have used a lot of native Australian ingredients,” Fabio said. Among these premium ingredients are kangaroo paw and Kakadu plum.

“These two young Aussies [Phillips and Robinson] came over and pitched me an idea that I loved, and the end product was something so beautiful I couldn’t not get involved,” explained Fabio (per Sneakers).

“Being a perfectionist, this project was two years in the making. We wanted nothing but the best ingredients and extracts and the products had to look flawless.”

He Became A U.S. Citizen In 2016

Fabio exulted when he became a U.S. citizen by taking the Oath of Allegiance at the Los Angeles Convention Center with almost 6,000 other people from all over the world. He was wearing a red blazer and looked suitably patriotic while clutching a small American flag.

The star issued a statement announcing his elation over his new status. “This is one of the happiest days of my life. Over the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to travel the globe and America is still the greatest country on earth” (per CNN).

Fabio is no relic of the ‘90s. He achieved his greatest fame during that decade, but he has stayed relevant through his involvement with men’s personal care products, by talking about his life and current passions in interviews, and aging gracefully. Fabio’s insistence upon a healthy lifestyle is very contemporary as well.

He seems to have it all except a woman to share his life with. Maybe the ideal lady love Fabio has been searching for will finally cross his path soon!