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A lot of style trends from years past are coming back into fashion, from 70s flared jeans, to 90s grunge looks. Alyssa Milano just reminded us of one that is still cringe-inducing today—shoulder pads.

Alyssa Milano’s Throwback Post, Complete With Shoulder Pads

Milano posted a photo from her teenage days, modeling for Tutti Frutti. She’s rocking a high side-ponytail and a bedazzled Tutti Frutti t-shirt, complete with some serious shoulder pads. Milano’s caption was simply “Shoulder pads,” with the hot pepper emoji. You can’t get more 80s than this.

Fan Reactions: ‘I Still Miss The 80s’

Her Instagram followers loved the throwback, and some even wondered if the style might be making a comeback. “Even with the shoulder pads and leg warmers I still miss the 80s,” one fan sighed.

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“They’re coming back soon!” someone else promised. Others poked fun at the size of the shoulder pads, with one saying, “Well, you’re working with the NFL, so it fits.” Another wrote, “I thought you were just hitting delts pretty hard.”

Some reminisced on their own youths, seeing Milano’s picture in magazines. “Wow this poster Just took me way back!” one person wrote. “Loved all of your posters!” Someone else commented, “I think the poster I had of you in my locker in school back in the day had shoulder pads.”

Milano Became A Star In The 80s

It’s no surprise that Milano rocked some serious shoulder pads in her day. The actress began acting at just 7 years old, and became a star after scoring a role in the popular sitcom Who’s the Boss?

Milano was everywhere, from teen magazines to movies to TV shows to posters on the walls of teen boys and girls. One of her Instagram followers even asked, “Had a few posters [of you] on my wall. Didn’t you have an advice column in one of those teen magazines called ‘Ask Alyssa’ or something like that? Lol.”

The actress also wore every 80s style you can imagine, from the high pony and shoulder pads to big curls and denim-on-denim, to neon sweatshirts and legwarmers. Milano was definitely one of the most stylish young stars of the decade! Milano might be shaking her head at the totally 80s look she once rocked, but her followers loved getting a reminder of some of the worst parts of the era’s fashion, and let’s be honest, she made it work.

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