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Ameesha Patel’s statement sparks an indirect exchange with Bipasha Basu over uncomfortable roles in Gadar 2

Ameesha Patel’s stance on Jism-like roles reignites as Gadar 2 nears release. The highly anticipated movie, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, has become a hot topic of discussion. Recently, a viral video captured Bipasha Basu expressing her opinion that Ameesha is not suited for roles like Jism, reigniting past controversies. Let’s revisit Ameesha Patel’s initial statement regarding Jism and Bipasha’s reaction. Years later, Ameesha Patel stands by her stance on such films and roles.

Actress Ameesha Patel, in an interview with an entertainment news portal, reaffirms her unwavering stance. She emphasizes that she still maintains her position and expresses admiration for the film Basic Instinct, considering it a brilliant movie. Ameesha goes on to praise Sharon Stone, referring to her as a goddess. She also commends the film Jism, describing it as fantastic and acknowledging the stellar performances. However, Ameesha questions why she is being compared to Bipasha, stating, “All I am saying is why Bipasha. I am not comfortable being a Sharon Stone.” The actress elaborates that while she can exude a hot and sexy image, she is not at ease with the level of boldness and skin show required on screen. Ameesha Patel firmly states her preference for roles that do not demand excessive physical exposure.

Ameesha Patel further elaborates on her perspective, citing an example from her song “Lazy Lamhe” in the film Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. She proudly states that she was the first actress to have the courage to inform Aditya Chopra, the renowned producer, that she would not wear a bikini in a Yash Raj film. She emphasizes that she expressed her discomfort and was even prepared to leave the project if necessary. Ameesha clarifies that her previous remarks were not intended to criticize Bipasha Basu, as she believes Bipasha did an amazing job in the mentioned roles.

The Ameesha Patel and Bipasha Basu controversy surrounding the film Jism resurfaces after years. Ameesha Patel had previously expressed that she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing films like Jism due to concerns about upsetting her grandmother. This topic was brought up by Karan Johar during an episode of Koffee with Karan, where Bipasha Basu was a guest. Bipasha responded by stating that Ameesha would not have been suitable for the role due to physical characteristics. According to Bipasha, Ameesha’s petite stature and overall frame did not match the requirements of the character. Bipasha believed that a woman cast in that role needed to possess not only physical attributes but also a strong personality.