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After seeing Angela Deem’s explosive tantrum at the Tell All Part 1, numerous fans have called for her firing.

She is crass, unstable, and has made it very clear — through words and actions — that she does not respect anyone.

But is Angela also racist?

Some viewers might say “obviously,” but many are recoiling at one specific social media post of hers.

Angela Deem may be in hot water.

For once, it’s not over how she routinely abuses her husband or terrorizes her castmates.

It’s over a 2022 highlight reel that Angela posted to Instagram.

The video, which no longer appears on Angela’s page, includes a series of clips and photos.

We see Angela hanging out at her birthday bash. And there is footage from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? itself.

Last month, she attended a party that Dr. Michael K. Obeng — the plastic surgeon with whom she loves to flirt — threw.

And Angela shared a photo that featured both Dr. Obeng and another doctor, Lawton Tang.

Dr. Obeng is a Black man. Dr. Tang is Asian.

And the caption on the post made sure that no one could miss this detail.

“Once you go Black you never go Back,” the text reads.

“But once you go Y—-w, you Never do Another Fellow,” the caption quipped.

Unfortunately, this is so much worse than an awkward rhyme with a jarring syllabic structure.

We hope that we do not have to explain that referring to an Asian person by that particular primary color is not acceptable. It is, in fact, racist.

(Yes, this was the case when the Spice Girls performed “Spice Up Your Life” … we cannot imagine why anyone included that lyric)

Race is a social construct based upon arbitrary rules dating back centuries, to the advent of racism. Of course there are inconsistencies. But we all know that some terms and labels are extremely racist.

As we mentioned, the post is no longer up on Angela’s Instagram. But the internet is, obviously, forever.

Across social media, people reacted with horror — not surprise, but horror — at the post.

Viewers have watched Angela verbally and emotionally abuse her husband. They have seen her lay hands on him, all on film. And now she’s posting some pretty apparent racism.

Obviously, fans have wanted her gone for a long time. She is a deeply bad person. Often, it feels painful just to watch her.

However, Angela’s abhorrent behavior has somehow earned her some fans.

Perhaps people believe that she is faking all of this for television. Evidence does not suggest this.

It is also possible that there are political motivations behind some of the support that Angela receives.

Angela expressed her enthusiasm for a proto-fascist reality-star-turned-politician. For obvious reasons, she was in the minority among reality TV personalities (and among Americans overall).

Few can forget how Angela had Michael parade about in the boxers of the now-disgraced former president. That same POTUS added Nigeria to an immigration ban the same week as their marriage, as it happens.

After years of witnessing Angela’s antics, countless viewers are hoping that this anti-Asian racism will be the final nail in the coffin of Angela’s reality TV career.

Certainly, 90 Day Fiance cast members have cost themselves opportunities due to racism in the past.

“Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme calling Usman the N-word, for example. But will that be Angela’s fate?

There are two potential obstacles to that.

The first is Angela’s popularity. An entirely online scandal in a now-deleted post, weighed against how much money her vicious behavior brings in?

The show is a business first. They’re only likely to fire her if she truly violates her contract — or if her behavior stops being profitable.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme - duct tape on IG 01

Lisa’s racism came in 2020, when networks were more willing to cut ties with racists without massive pressure.

Unfortunately, the pushback against anti-racism (in other words, pushback from racists in favor of racism) has been intense.

The bizarre misappropriation of terms like “woke” and “critical race theory” have all come from that. And that protects people like Angela from facing consequences.

A more immediate obstacle to her firing is that Angela’s post is a repost from someone else.

“FYI read closer,” Angela demanded of one critic. “Dr. Lawton honey posted that boom.” She also mocked critics using the laughter emoji.

In other words, she’s saying that reposting a joke using racist language is not the same as writing it yourself. That’s complicated.

Obviously, Dr. Lawton, like any other Asian-American, is free to refer to himself as he wishes.

Just as saying “my hair is a mess today” isn’t an insult like it would be if someone screamed it at you from a car, slurs and other racist terms lack harmful power when you use them to refer to yourself. (With some nuanced exceptions)

But … reposting someone else’s text post is a touchy topic when it includes this kind of language. Not necessarily a gray area, but complex.

Someone told Angela that she doesn’t necessarily need to repeat a joke that is not for her, a white woman, to share.

But Angela does not enjoy criticism, no matter how well-reasoned.

“Go away misery love company,” she snapped. Unfortunately, we do not predict that this will get Angela her long-awaited firing.