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Ariana Viera, a Venezuelan beauty queen, tragically passed away last month due to injuries sustained in a horrific car crash in Florida. At just 26 years old, she was involved in a collision with a truck in Lake Nona, Orlando, allegedly after falling asleep behind the wheel on July 13, as reported by the media.

Interestingly, two months before the accident, she recorded a haunting video, seemingly preparing for her own funeral. While the official cause of the crash remains undisclosed, Viera’s mother revealed that her daughter had been experiencing fatigue and fell asleep while driving, hinting at a possible factor contributing to the devastating incident.

According to Vivian Ochoa, Ariana Viera’s mother, in an interview with Telemundo31, she revealed that her daughter fell asleep behind the wheel due to fatigue. After the accident, emergency responders were able to resuscitate her, but when they were preparing to transfer her to trauma care, Ariana unfortunately passed away. It was later reported that she suffered a heart attack after being revived. The tragic incident highlights the importance of road safety and the consequences of driver fatigue.

Despite her deep grief, the grieving mother, Vivian Ochoa, fondly praised her late daughter, Ariana Viera, for her caring and compassionate nature. According to Ochoa, Ariana had a habit of championing others and selflessly helping those around her. Her caring attitude and willingness to listen and support others might have contributed to her exhaustion, as she would readily put others’ needs before her own. Ariana’s selflessness and unwavering support for her friends, family, and even strangers exemplify the kind of person she was—a true source of love and kindness for those she touched in her life.

Viera’s father, who resides in Peru, had reportedly applied for a humanitarian visa to attend his daughter’s funeral, but unfortunately, the approval came only the day after the service had taken place.

In a somewhat unsettling turn of events, back in May, Viera posted a cryptic video on her Instagram account alluding to her future funeral. In the video, she recorded herself engaging in mundane activities like waking up, drinking water, and simply being around the house. The caption accompanying the video read, “Recording myself for my future funeral because it’s always me who takes the videos, no one takes them of me.” The eerie post now holds an inexplicably poignant significance in light of the tragic accident that later claimed her life.

Indeed, the video that Ariana Viera posted on her Instagram account appears to be part of a trend where individuals create montages of themselves looking good while playfully pretending someone is secretly capturing their everyday moments. This trend is often meant to parody the inclusion of B-roll footage in movies or documentaries.

However, the timing of her video took a grim turn, as her followers noticed its eerie connotation given her unfortunate passing in a car crash. The juxtaposition of her playful and seemingly light-hearted post with the tragic events that followed added an unexpected and somber dimension to the video, making it a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of life and the importance of cherishing each moment.

Ariana Viera had an exciting opportunity ahead of her as she was set to represent her beloved home country, Venezuela, at the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 competition, scheduled to take place in the Dominican Republic in October.

Reflecting on her daughter’s life, Vivian Ochoa, her grieving mother, expressed profound emotion and gratitude, saying, “I didn’t know that God had given me an angel. I didn’t know that God had given me a little piece of heaven for a very short time.” Her heartfelt words capture the depth of love and admiration she had for her daughter, and the profound loss she feels after Ariana’s untimely passing. The upcoming pageant would have been a moment of pride and joy for the family, and the void left by Ariana’s absence will undoubtedly be felt by all who knew and loved her.