Ayushmann Khurrana, renowned for his penchant for unconventional roles and unique scripts, is gearing up for the release of his upcoming movie, ‘Dream Girl 2,’ in which he plays the role of a cross-dresser. To excel in his performance, he sought inspiration from the esteemed actor Aamir Khan, who portrayed a similar role in the movie Baazi. However, there are other actors who also played a significant role in helping him refine his character in ‘Dream Girl 2.’ Discover who they are below!

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Inspired by iconic portrayals like Kamal Haasan’s ‘Chachi 420,’ Govinda’s ‘Aunty No. 1,’ and Aamir Khan’s ‘Baazi,’ Ayushmann Khurrana expressed his deep admiration for these actors’ remarkable ability to convincingly portray female characters on screen. He was truly amazed and captivated by their brilliance in executing such challenging roles with finesse and authenticity.


In Ayushmann’s own words, he shared, “The true disruptors of cinema are my cinematic inspirations, and the performances of Kamal Haasan sir, Aamir Khan sir, and Govinda sir have been defining moments for actors. Witnessing how effortlessly they depicted women on screen was truly mind-boggling.” He expressed profound admiration for these legendary actors, recognizing their trailblazing contributions to cinema and their exceptional portrayal of female characters, which left a lasting impact on him as an artist.