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Most people know that if you want to win big while competing on Jeopardy!, you need to know your trivia backwards and forwards. However, as many former contestants know, that’s not all it takes. Here are some tips from Jeopardy! players on how to take down the competition.

One Contestant’s Buzzer Technique

Sam Buttrey, an associate professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, quickly became a fan favorite for his impressive gameplay and hilarious sense of humor. He even made it to the Tournament of Champions as the Professors’ Tournament champion, but his trivia knowledge isn’t the only thing that helped him win.

Many viewers, and even host Ken Jennings, commented on Buttrey’s unique buzzer technique. All the knowledge in the world is useless if another contestant can beat you on speed and timing with the buzzer. Read more about what Buttrey thoughts on buzzer techniques are here.

What Should ‘Jeopardy!’ Hopefuls Study?

It’s obvious that any wannabe Jeopardy! contestant needs to know their stuff. People who want to be on the game show study trivia and little-known facts for years, but where should you start?

Former contestant Julian Glander gave fans a look at what it takes to come in second on Jeopardy!, sharing a photo of a huge stack of books. Read more about the topics Glander studied to prepare for the game show here.

The Categories That Tripped Up One Contestant

No matter how much studying you do, you can’t know everything. Jeopardy! contestant Eric Ahasic ended up a champion, but he admitted that there were a few categories that tripped him up.

Ahasic took to Twitter to share some insights into his performance on the game show, including two categories he had no clue about. Read more about the categories Ahasic suggests potential players review here.

Should Players Bet Big While Competing?

A lot of people think there must be some trick to winning Jeopardy! All the contestants are well-versed in trivia, so something has to set the champion apart from the rest, right? What else should potential players do, besides study?

Many former champions have revealed what they think put them over the top, from buzzer techniques to how much to bet. Read more about what those contestants have had to say about how they won here.

From how fast you press the buzzer to what you should study, Jeopardy! contestants have shared their secrets over the years. Any game show hopefuls should be sure to review these tips!

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