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Well, the start of a new year should be a time to set goals and look forward with optimism.

But when Briana DeJesus’ attempted to kick off 2023 with an inspirational message to her followers the post was not as well-received as she hoped it would be!

In fact, her self-congratulatory content landed with a thud, and Bri is still getting roasted for it days later — but we’re sure she’s used to this sort of criticism.

Bri, as you may know, fancies herself an entrepreneur and an investor.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second
This is a screen capture of Briana DeJesus from an episode of Teen Mom 2.

So while some reality stars might downplay their wealth in an effort to maintain their relatability, Briana likes to boast about her baller lifestyle in order to convey to her followers just how successful she’s been as a businesswoman.

The latest example of this behavior is an Instagram post that appeared on Bri’s page last week.

DeJesus posted a pic of her daughters standing at the site of what will soon be their new home.

Briana’s daughters at their soon-to-be new home. (Photo via Instagram)

“We did it….again!!!! Merry Christmas to us!” Briana shared on Instagram.

“I kept this a secret from the girls to be able to surprise them today. So blessed to have two homes fully paid off as a single mother of 2,” she continued.

“I am forever grateful for the opportunities God has placed in our life. We move into our new home in the spring and we are so excited.”

Briana’s kids will soon have a new home! (Photo via Instagram)

DeJesus went on to explain that she’s temporarily scrapped plans to relocate Texas, but she’s still planning on purchasing a third home in the Lone Star State.

“I was looking at houses in Texas and Nova caught the only fit!” Briana wrote.

“So we are staying in Florida for now! But I still want another home in TX. That is the goal. Maybe later.”

The DeJesus clan is doing quite well for themselves financially. (Photo via Instagram)

Briana’s previous home is currently occupied by her mother Roxanne, so we can see why she might have felt the need to expand.

Still, the boastful post was not well-received by commenters, many of whom pointed out that Bri is not your typical single mom.

“All this just from getting pregnant at 16,” one person wrote, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Briana DeJesus looks rather concerned in this photo from Teen Mom 2, doesn’t she?

“Must be nice to afford it,” another added.

“I work my ass off and I still can’t afford stuff like this. Maybe I need to put myself in the public eye and cry about my [baby daddy] not paying child support.”

“You’re not a regular single mom,” a third commenter chimed in.

“You make hundreds of thousands of dollars for putting your dirty laundry in public.”

Bri D
Briana DeJesus looks a little confused here, Wonder why.

Yes, despite the fact that Bri has maintained a “real” job and launched several business ventures during her years in the spotlight, there’s no denying that her sound financial footing is primarily a result of her MTV gig.

And as many have pointed out, she owes a great deal to the family members who have tolerated the presence of cameras in their lives for so many years.

“They may get new houses but they have lost their privacy,” one commenter wrote on Bri’s pics of her daughters.

Briana DeJesus is bummed about her breakup with Bobby Scott in this pic. (Photo via MTV)

“Don’t forget to say thank you to MTV,” another wrote.

Yes, Bri certainly caught on earful on her latest post.

But something tells us her multiple homes and seven-figure earnings probably helped to soften the blow of all that criticism.