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  • Dr. Drew is a famous doctor known for his past and present hosting gigs on various networks for radio and television, including MTV.
  • He has been married to his wife, Susan, since 1991.
  • He has only been married once.
  • Dr. Drew has recently hosted many of the Teen Mom reunion shows on MTV.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, 64, is known for his work in the medical field and on television, with shows on MTV, VH1 , and more, but he’s also part of a strong marriage to his wife, Susan Pinsky. The former Loveline co-host and his spouse have been married for 31 years and both lead very successful careers as they maintain their lasting bond. From having kids to pairing up on creative projects, they’ve often showed off their support for each other and camaraderie on-camera and beyond.

Find out more about Susan and her love story with Dr. Drew below.

Who is Susan Pinsky?

Susan Pinsky, Dr. Drew
Susan and Dr. Drew at a previous event. (Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)

Susan Pinsky, formerly Susan Sailer, is best known as a radio host. She previously worked at KROQ.FM and went on to become the CEO of Playroom Podz, a podcasting company. She also hosts Calling Out, which is “iTunes’ most popular podcast focusing on psychic mediums and spirit phenomenon,” according to the show’s website.

In addition to her radio work, Susan loves to volunteer for causes near and dear to her heart. She volunteered on the board of for over 10 years and has served as its Foster Soles chair and is this year’s Annual Benefit chair, Calling Out’s website further states. She raised over $450 thousand dollars at the Celebration of Art Gala on Feb 22, 2014. The gala “depicted how Hillsides brings healing through the art of fostering lives — not just literally but by shaping their lives with hope, trust, and security,” the website says before adding, that “in 2015 the same committee she developed raised $560 thousand in the event Uncorked co-chaired byDeborah and Robert Simon of Restaurant AKA in Pasadena, CA.

How did Dr. Drew & Susan meet?

Susan Pinsky, Dr. Drew Pinsky
Susan and Dr. Drew met in 1984. (Michael Germana/Everett Collection)

Dr. Drew and Susan met in 1984, when she worked at KROQ.FM, and the two clicked so well that they started dating. They went on to get engaged and then married in 1991 and continue to thrive. She was a guest on his famous radio show, Loveline, and has worked with him on many of his other projects as well as joint projects.

How many kids do Dr. Drew and Susan have?

Susan Pinsky, Dr. Drew Pinsky
Susan and Dr. Drew share triplets together. (Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)

The married couple had triplets Douglas, Jordan, and Paulina in Nov. 1992. They all live on their own in Los Angeles and across the country after graduating from college in May 2015. They also went on to pursue graduate school and unlike their parents, they’ve stayed mostly out of the spotlight.

Dr. Drew & Susan’s teamwork

In addition to appearing on Loveline, Susan has teamed up with her husband for other podcasts and television shows over the years. She has been the provider and producer of Dr. Drew’s podcast, This Life #YOULIVE” with Dr. Drew(and Mike Catherwood) as well as co-producer for his other podcast, Weekly Infusion with Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce. She’s also appeared as a guest on some of his other podcasts, including Dr. Drew After Dark, which can be seen above.

Susan has also publicly supported Dr. Drew by showing up with him to various red carpet events over the years and the two have been very open about talking about their life together.

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