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During a recent exchange with her social media followers, Gwendlyn Brown made it very clear:

She does not like Robyn Brown; not in any way, shape or form.

The 21-year old daughter of Christine and Kody Brown has been especially candid of late with her fans, opening up at various times about the Sister Wives universe.

And while she does not like her father’s only legal spouse, Gwendlyn made something else very clear during this same exchange…

She DID like Christine’s decision last year to walk away from her unhealthy marriage.

“I was like, you’re leaving? Good for you!” Brown said this week in a YouTube video, recounting how her mother broke the break up news to her:

“She told me she was moving and also divorcing my father at the same time. I was all hyped for her. Obviously I love he and I visit her all the time.

“But she was going home and I was happy for her. I didn’t love the relationship they had and she’s doing great now.”

Christine has said time and again that she really is doing great, she has no regrets at all about making this romantic call.

On a previous Sister Wives episode this season, Gwen’s sisters Mykelti and Ysabel weighed in their parents splitting up.

“I think with my mom and my dad getting a divorce, if I’m honest I did see it coming,” Ysabel said in a confessional.

“I’m sad about it. I mean, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And I’m happy that my mom will be able to find somebody who she’s really, really, really happy with.”

Christine has said she’s dating these days, but isn’t in the market for anything serious.

As for how Gwendlyn feels about the developments throughout Sister Wives Season 17?

She told YouTube viewers that “virtually none” of her siblings watch the show, explaining why as follows:

“It’s just drama to the viewers, but to us it’s family.”

Christine Brown flashes a lovely smile for the camera via this selfie, which she shared on Instagram in November 2022.

Which isn’t to say Gwen is a major fan of everyone in this family.

“I don’t really like her as a person,” Gwendlyn said of Robyn, Kody’s sole legal spouse. “Watching her [on Sister Wives] makes me like her less, for sure.”

She thinks a bit higher of Meri, however.

“I really don’t think that the hate [she gets online] is justified,” Gwendlyn said. “She seems like she’s just kind of minding her business and trying to enjoy her life.”