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Chris Brown has long made headlines for all the wrong reasons, but his transgressions have never hurt his bank account. Sixteen years after he made his debut, the R&B singer continues to attract fans with singles, collaborations, and—of course—controversies. But exactly how much money does he have to show for it? Brown hasn’t released a studio album since 2019, and the pandemic couldn’t have helped matters. The truth about his wealth might actually surprise you. Find out Chris Brown’s net worth today and how he spends his money.

Chris Brown’s Music Career Started All The Way Back In 2005

It’s hard to believe that the Chris Brown we know today started as a 16-year-old talent who found his voice in a church choir. In 2015, he introduced himself to the world with his first self-titled album. It debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200 and was ultimately certified double Platinum. Thanks to the catchy track “Run It,” Brown was the first male artist in a decade whose lead single earned the top spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Brown has released a total of nine studio albums in his career, and with the exception of 2009’s Graffiti, they’ve all reached Platinum status or higher. His tenth album, titled Breezy, was released in 2022.

Brown’s Controversies And Legal Troubles

His extraordinary success is in spite of major controversies. We all know about Brown’s felony domestic assault against ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. But the artist continued to find trouble in his personal life. In 2014, a stint in rehab went wrong, and Brown was sent to jail the following year for violating rules at the treatment facility.

Chris Brown at a court hearing in 2014
(Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

In 2016, he was involved in a standoff with a SWAT team after a woman reported that Brown threatened her with a gun inside his home. Charges were eventually dropped.

In May 2021, police were called to his home (again) to break up a raucous birthday party that went into the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully things ended peacefully—the music was turned down, and tickets were issued to improperly parked cars in the area.

In January 2022, Brown made headlines again for yet another lawsuit. According to People, the singer is being sued for $20 million for allegedly drugging and assaulting an unnamed woman.

Despite his history of violence, the man has mad money and spends it with abandon—let’s see where those big bucks go.

Chris Brown Has Some Very Expensive Tastes

Chris Brown doesn’t mess around when it comes to his purchases. For instance, when he wanted a dog in 2014, he reportedly went all out and picked up two Tibetan Mastiffs worth $1.5 million each.

It turns out he has a soft spot for animals—even if they get him in hot water with the law. In 2021, his housekeeper sued him after her sister was viciously attacked by his Caucasian shepherd. The average price for the breed is $2,000. And in 2019, he purchased his daughter Royalty a capuchin monkey without a permit. A court ordered him to return the animal to a monkey retreat and pay a $35,000 fine.

Chris Brown at a toy drive
(Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images)

Royalty isn’t just spoiled with exotic animals. She was treated to some hot new rides when she was just a year old. Brown went above and beyond buying the average toy car—he purchased her replicas of a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F430, and Range Rover Sport.

Why not? After all, Brown has his own enviable car collection. His garage includes his own Aventador, a Bugatti Veyron, and two Rezvanis.

When he travels by air, Brown expects the same level of luxury. He flies on a Gulfstream IV, which costs an estimated $110,000 per flight.

He Also Pays A Large Amount Of Child Support Every Month

Brown’s fortune also goes towards taking care of his children—or at least it should be. People reported in 2018 that he was in a legal dispute with his daughter Royalty’s mom, Nia Guzman, over child support. Brown was ordered to increase monthly payments from $2,500 to $5,000. However, Guzman sought a second increase to $18,336 (plus a $190,000 retroactive payment). Her attorney Lisa Bloom told the outlet that the figure was relative to the artist’s income.

Chris Brown and his daughter, Royalty, in 2020
(Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

In 2020, his ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris gave birth to his second child, a son named Aeko Catori. There haven’t been reports on any child support disagreements, but based on his net worth and the arrangement with Guzman, we can assume he’s paying thousands each month.

What Is Chris Brown’s Net Worth Now?

Despite all he’s been through, Brown still has an estimated net worth of $50 million. An upcoming album and live performances will probably keep his finances healthy.

He also has plenty of assets to keep him afloat, such as the Tarzana, California mansion that he bought in 2015 for over $4 million. The six-bedroom mansion is outfitted with 16 security cameras and a soundproof home theatre. He also owns 14 Burger King franchises, so even if he never has another hit single, he should have no problem keeping the lights on.