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Having embarked on her Bollywood journey with the film “Heropanti,” Kriti Sanon has undoubtedly come a long way. Her filmography has been on a soaring trajectory, highlighted by accolades like the Best Actress award for her remarkable performance in “Mimi.” With each new venture she undertakes, Kriti consistently reaffirms her presence in the industry. However, despite her success, there are still individuals who resort to trolling. Recently, Kriti’s sister, Nupur, dedicated a heartfelt post on her birthday, only to face unwarranted criticism from a particular individual. Nonetheless, Kriti and Nupur remain unfazed, steadfastly showcasing their resilience and determination in the face of such negativity.

Nupur Sanon Reacts Smartly to 'Flop Sisters' Statement

On Kriti Sanon’s birthday, Nupur Sanon took to her social media account to express her heartfelt wishes. She began by addressing her sister affectionately as “Kritsu” and extended double celebrations for the occasion, as it coincided with a special event for both of them. Nupur shared her immense pride in Kriti’s achievements and success.

Reminiscing about the past, Nupur recalled moments when she used to visit Kriti’s room, only to find it filled with numerous boxes of skincare products. She admired Kriti’s dedication to understand and experiment with different skincare ingredients, which ultimately led to the inception of something exciting.

Nupur recounted witnessing Kriti’s aspirations and dreams of creating her own venture. And thus, the journey of @letshyphen began, marking a significant milestone in Kriti’s life. Nupur expressed her amazement at how swiftly time had passed since the launch of Hyphen, emphasizing that she had been an ardent fan of the products for the past three months.

She playfully recalled her visits to Kriti, always asking for more samples and how Kriti’s happiness would radiate while fulfilling those requests. Nupur confidently stated that this is just the beginning of a remarkable journey for Hyphen and encouraged her sister to keep pushing forward and making her dreams come true. The message concluded with an inspiring slogan, “It’s only the beginning… just Hyphen it!” symbolizing the boundless potential ahead.

After Nupur Sanon’s heartfelt post celebrating her sister Kriti’s birthday and the success of @letshyphen went viral, an Instagram user decided to leave a negative comment, saying, “Flop sisters.” Undeterred by the criticism, Nupur responded with a witty and confident comeback, stating, “And still you’re following us.”

Not only did Nupur handle the troll with grace, but Kriti also stepped in to support her sister and gave a similar reply, “and still you’re following us.” Their unified response demonstrated their resilience and refusal to be affected by negativity, showcasing a strong bond as sisters and as individuals in the public eye.

By replying in such a composed and straightforward manner, both Nupur and Kriti exemplified the idea that they are not bothered by baseless criticism and are focused on their journey and accomplishments. It also sends a positive message to their followers about not letting negativity bring them down and choosing to rise above such remarks.