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Jenelle Evans has given us the public a lot to criticize over the years.

Drug use, alcoholism, bigotry, animal abuse, narcissism, pettiness, pathological dishonesty — you name the bad behavior, and Jenelle has waded into it to a scandalous degree.

But the harshest criticisms against the former Teen Mom 2 star have centered around her treatment of her children.

Many still can’t get over the fact that Jenelle testified in court that her husband abuses her children, but she then retracted that testimony and moved back in with the alleged abuser — her children in tow, of course.

Jenelle Evans and David Evans have remained together through thick, thin and abuse allegations.

It’s possible that Jenelle lied in court, but sadly, the more likely explanation is that she willingly put her kids in harm’s way.

Whatever the case, allegations of abuse and neglect have hounded Jenelle and David for years.

The couple briefly lost custody of their kids following a CPS investigation, but these days, most of Jenelle and David’s children are back under their roof.

Jenelle Evans already has three kids. But it seems that she’s hoping to have another! (Photo via Instagram)

(Evans and Eason both have sons from previous relationships of whom they still do not have custody.)

Perhaps understandably, Jenelle’s Instagram and TikTok followers are constantly on high-alert for signs of mistreatment, and they’re quick to call Jenelle out at the slightest provocation.

In recent months, several commenters have pointed out that Jenelle seems to spend more time with her daughter, Ensley than with her other children.

Jenelle, Ensley and a Tube
Jenelle Evans is playing here in the water with daughter Ensley. They appear to sort of have a good relationship. (Photo via Instagram)

And several have developed a theory as to why that might be.

“She’s only good with Ensley because it’s David’s kid, she doesn’t care about Jace or Kaiser,” one follower recently wrote.

Jenelle appears to have taken offense to this remark — so much so that she decided to make a TikTok video based on it.

But as is customary for Jenelle, she didn’t actually engage with criticism in any substantive way, and she instead just brushed off the remark as though it didn’t bother her.

(Of course, if she were actually unbothered by the comment, she would have just ignored it completely.

In the clip above, Jenelle borrows audio from an episode of The Kardashians, in which Kourtney can be heard saying:

Jenelle and David seem to have hit yet another rough patch. (Photo via TikTok)

“I just don’t have the energy for this. I am unsubscribing from this drama.”

This latest controversy comes on the heels of allegations that Jenelle has been openly favoring Ensley over her other kids in a number of alarming ways.

Over the summer, commenters even alleged that Evans forgot about son Kaiser’s birthday.

Nate and Kaiser in 2022
Kaiser with his dad. (Photo via Instagram)

Kaiser is the son of Jenelle’s former fiancé Nathan Griffith, and observers have accused both Evans and Eason of mistreating the boy because of their ill will toward his father.

Jenelle has yet to respond to those allegations.

But if she does, her rebuttal will probably take the form of a lip-synced TikTok video.