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When you think of intense workouts, what comes to mind? Perhaps running, cycling, or even swimming are the first sports you think of. For Jennifer Garner, she let the world know earlier this year that for her, vigorous exercise includes a lot of fancy footwork. And many celebrities chimed in at how incredible the actress’s cardio routine is!

Back in the spring, Garner shared an Instagram reel that had many people talking, including celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Rita Wilson. The video shows Garner doing some wild footwork at a swift speed in honor of her trainer’s birthday.

Several people commented on this intense routine, including Paltrow who said, “​​I’m winded watching that.” Other celebrities chimed in sharing what many people thought after watching the fervent routine. Rita Wilson best summed it up in her comment, “I have to go back to bed now.”

Garner Continues Posting Jaw-Dropping Workout Videos

This wasn’t the first time that Garner shared a video of her workout routine, and it has turned out not be her last. Just this fall, the actress shared a video of her completing what may be an even more incredible gravity defying workout. Not only can she move at intense speeds, she can also jump nearly three feet!

In the video, the 13 Going on 30 star is seen making an attempt to jump 33 inches. During her first jump, Garner makes it to the top on her knees. Then the actress goes against all odds and makes the jump while landing on her feet! Her caption simply says, “33 [inches] is very tall.”

Several fans and celebrities were surprised by this incredible jump. Paltrow and Wilsom both chimed in again in the comments. Paltrow remarked, “No WAY!” This time, Wilson simply asked, “Whaaaaat????”

Glennon Doyle also jumped on the bandwagon, leaving several replies. In all caps, the author asked, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? WHO IS MAKING YOU DO THIS? SHOULD I SEND HELP?” Doyle went on to ask, “IS THERE A SPIDER ON THE FLOOR?” Then she realized it was just a workout Garner was doing. “Ok. Never mind. [My wife] told me this strange jumping is ‘working out.’ Okay. Carry on. Love you.”

At 50 years old, Garner continues to show the world that she’s not slowing down her workout routines. Plus, she’s letting everyone know that intense exercises can take many different forms. We can’t wait to see the next incredible workout video Garner posts!

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