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On New Year’s Day, the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All special Part 1 showed Angela Deem flip the f–k out.

In and of itself, that was nothing new. That is who she is. But the context? That was different.

Angela fired off insults and expletives as Usman “Sojaboy” Umar, who replied in kind. Naturally, Angela stormed off before taking a seat even once.

Amidst all of that clownery, Kimberly didn’t attempt to intercede. And she has something to say about it.

Below Usman’s own post about the fiery exchange with Angela, Kimberly Menzies left a comment to address criticism.

“Everyone keeps saying I am a coward for not defending @officialsojaboy,” her comment began.

“But,” she pointed out, “this wasn’t my fight.”

She did not stop there. Kimberly went on to point out how certain trolls will never let her “win” in any context.

“When I defend him, y’all say I’m wrong,” she pointed out.

“And when I don’t,” Kimberly’s comment then concluded, “I am wrong.”

Why wasn’t it her fight?

Well, because it doesn’t look like much changed after the finale — which saw Kimberly sobbing on her luggage.

Usman had insulted her after denying her affection. They ended their engagement. And, unlike so many other couples who break up during their seasons, they did not reconcile before the Tell All.

Kimberly went through a roller coaster of experiences during her time with Usman.

There were a lot of parallels with a fellow castmate. One who is also from San Diego, also fell in love with a younger man, and also faced off with a potential mother-in-law who felt entitled to grandchildren.

So Kimberly and Jenny Slatten became friends. Among other things, they discussed their anxieties about seeing Angela Deem.

Meanwhile, at her hotel, Angela was already scheming. She loathes Usman and has had it out for him for a long time.

She spoke to her friend, Jen, to predict an explosive confrontation with Usman. Jen urged her to remain calm. She clearly ignored the advice.

Angela would, of course, make her “prediction” about clashing with Usman into a reality. And everyone knew it.

All the way over in Nigeria, Michael Ilesanmi knows exactly what he married.

He predicted to the camera that Angela would of course clash with Usman.

We all knew it from the moment that the two ended up on the same cast. It was likely part of production’s motive in the first place. You don’t put vinegar and baking soda into the same pot unless you want to watch the results.

Backstage, Kimberly met Big Ed Brown, who immediately told her about being comfortable being single.

Not him, of course. Despite breaking up with Liz Woods for the tenth (by their estimation) time, he was once again back with her.

But that was his advice to Kimberly. Everyone knew that she and Usman had not gotten back together.

Angela likes to make an entrance — that is, she likes to waste everyone’s time by showing up late, and then walk out while everyone is seated.

The cast grumbled about this backstage, because it’s nothing new. She pulled this same nonsense again.

First, she went up to fist bump Big Ed. Then, she shifted to a less friendly tone.

Facing Usman through the screen, Angela flipped him off.

“F–k you, bitch,” she told him. As far as we can tell, nothing that day prompted any of this. She’s just like this.

Naturally, Usman fired right back.

“You call me ‘bitch?’” Usman furiously responded.

He then went on to call Angela a “Stupid a–hole.”

Angela responded to this insult with her usual grace and charm. That is to say, with none.

Angela began loudly ranting further insults into the camera.

Honestly, it is normal for someone to want to really unload how they’re feeling at an enemy. Just to tell them what you think of them.

But screeching at someone through a screen while your castmates — your coworkers — watch with bemused looks? That just makes you look like a clown.

“Get your teeth fixed,” Angela repeatedly hissed at Usman.

She was not the only person speaking. A number of others did, including Kimberly.

But mostly, everyone was just impatient for Angela to sit the f–k down so that they could start the Tell All.

Angela ended up screaming in Yara Zaya’s face over it.

Deep down, it truly appears that Angela does not care about or respect anyone else.

But while everyone else just wanted this absurd display to be over and done with, Usman still had time to say a few more insults into the camera.

Perhaps he did not need Kimberly to defend him.

That, and he was physically safe in Nigeria.

The producer whom Angela shoved to the side while marching off stage was not so fortunate.

So we’re inclined to agree with Kimberly. She had no obligation to defend her ex-fiance.

Usman can speak for himself. And frankly, Angela’s despicable behavior always speaks for itself, too.

And this was only Part 1 of the Tell All. The rest will be so much worse.