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Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan entered matrimony in 1991, when Saif was a mere 20 years old and Amrita was 32. During their union, they were blessed with two children, Ibrahim Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan. However, over time, the once inseparable couple grew apart. After 13 years of marriage, they chose to part ways, with Amrita Singh gaining custody of their children. Consequently, Sara and Ibrahim primarily reside with their mother.

In contrast, Saif Ali Khan found companionship in actress Kareena Kapoor a few years post his divorce from Amrita Singh, entering a new chapter of his life. Meanwhile, Amrita Singh opted for a solitary path. This raises inquiries among many regarding Amrita’s decision to abstain from remarriage.

Following her separation from Saif, Amrita Singh’s primary focus shifted towards providing her children with a nurturing upbringing rather than pursuing another marriage. Consequently, the notion of a second marriage never even occurred to her. This revelation came directly from the actress herself during an interview.

Shifting the spotlight to their professional lives, Amrita has become less active in the realm of acting. Conversely, Saif Ali Khan continues to shine on the silver screen. His most recent appearance was in the film ‘Adipurush’.

While Amrita might have stepped away from the grandeur of the big screen, her fans maintain a connection with her through the realm of social media. Her daughter, actress Sara Ali Khan, frequently treats her fans by sharing photos of her mother.