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Kody Brown is clearly no fan of the first of his wives to leave. In part, because she was not the last.

Given how much he has been badmouthing Christine Brown to anyone who will listen, this is no surprise.

But it’s not just that he blames Christine for destroying the family that he spent years sabotaging.

To hear Kody tell it, the only reason that he can’t woo Janelle into returning to the fold is because she’s buddies with Christine.

Kody Brown did not love hearing that his (former) wife is happier without him in her life.

In Entertainment Tonight‘s sneak peek of Sunday’s “One on Ones” Part 3 episode, Kody Brown has high hopes for the future.

He expressed that he “absolutely” aspires to repair his strained (at best) marriage to Janelle.

But does Janelle have any interest in meeting him halfway? (Hah!)

“Janelle has made it pretty clear that she’s enjoying her life without me,” Kody acknowledges in the upcoming episode.

He characterizes: “She’s like, ‘Yeah, I haven’t missed you much.”

Though Kody is open to trying to mend things with her, he has some conditions.

Kody Brown looks quite displeased in this photo. And we love it!

First and foremost, Kody demands respect from Janelle if he’s going to try to extend an olive branch.

“I won’t go to a place where I’m not respected,” he announced.

“Love doesn’t matter to me,” Kody said, which obviously explains a lot. “Respect matters to me.”

Obviously, Janelle also sat down to speak about her waning respect for her quasi-husband.

“I do [respect him still],” she acknowledged.

“But,” Janelle noted, “I’m so mad about what’s happened with our kids.”

Kody Brown does more of his trademark ranting on Sister Wives.

“It’s very hard,” Janelle then expressed.

And she added that “I’m losing respect for him in that regard.”

Viewers are very well aware that Kody is currently estranged from multiple children. That’s on him.

Janelle Brown appears to have slimmed down of late. She looks great, doesn’t she?

Meanwhile, Janelle can feel how much disrespect Kody has thrown in her direction — always, it seems, in favor of Robyn.

“I think if he had truly been watching out for me and my children,” she noted

Janelle suggested that “he would have figured out a way to make it work for the whole family.”

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

She added that he could have found a good solution “instead of having his rules and hanging out with the wife.”

“And,” Janelle then quoted, “staying where he was ‘respected and obeyed.’”

Additionally, she confirmed that she is no longer in love with Kody, despite their many years of marriage and their six adult children.

“I think if we both really sat down, we’d look at each other and say, ‘Really?’” Janelle commented.

As for why she has stayed with him … she has acknowledged that their faith pressures spouses to try to stay together. Even when they shouldn’t.

“Kody and I have separated and I’m happy, really happy,” Janelle then gushed.

Janelle on Instagram
Janelle Brown looks pretty darn happy in this photo, doesn’t she? The reality star shared it on Instagram.

The decision to split came after she realized that things were “indifferent” in her marriage.

“Like,” Janelle characterizes, “I just didn’t care anymore.”

And then Kody’s interview laid into why he believes that reconciling with Janelle is a non-starter … due to a third party.

“We’re in a new place. Christine’s left. Janelle likes her,” Kody describes in the interview.

He then cracks a joke about how their friendship truly blossomed in recent years.

“Why couldn’t you have been such good sister wives while you were sister wives?!” Kody gripes.