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The world will learn a great deal in Lamar Odom’s documentary, Sex, Drugs, & Kardashians.

We already know that Lamar cheated on Khloe. That is no secret. Really, even during the cheating, it was barely a secret.

But Lamar’s wild antics did not always make headlines — no matter how potentially sensational they could have been.

Now he’s confessing all … and admitting that he feels embarrassed and ashamed of how he betrayed his ex.

Lamar Odom is starring in a new documentary. And Khloe Kardashian probably won’t like what he has to say. (Photo via YouTube)

People obtained a sneak peek of TMZ Presents: Lamar Odom: Sex, Drugs, & Kardashians.

At 43, Lamar has lived an eventful life — within his former NBA career but also in his private (and public) life. Obviously.

Lamar was not the last serial cheater to turn Khloe Kardashian’s world upside down. But people have not forgotten what went on during their relationship and marriage.

Khloe and Lamar on their E! network reality show. (Photo via E!)

However, Lamar very publicly admits that there is more to tell about what went down.

There were, after all, four years to that relationship.

As insanely public as the epic highs and lows of Khloe’s romantic life have been, not everything entered the public sphere. Until now, apparently.

Lamar Odom DWTS Photo
He’s not had much luck over the years. Will that change on Dancing with the Stars? Don’t bet on it.

“Behind the scenes, I put her through s–t,” Lamar acknowledges in the preview.

“Like, s–t that y’all don’t know,” he then clarifies.

Lamar characterizes that “The s–t y’all know, what y’all think y’all know, it’s crazy.”

Lamar Odom horizon
Photo via Getty Images for Fashion Nova

In contrast, Lamar emphasizes that “But the stories that y’all don’t know is, like, really crazy.”

Oh? Like what? Don’t worry — Lamar goes into a fair amount of detail about his cheating antics.

“I’d have these random women coming out,” Lamar described. “Some of them all came out at one time.”

Lamar Odom: I Had 12 Strokes and 6 Heart Attacks During My Coma!

There was more to this than simply “random women” coming out to party with him.

According to Lamar, while he was traveling with the NBA, he engaged in “full-blown relationships.”

Even at the time, he knew: “Your wife is Khloe Kardashian. You buggin.’”

Lamar doesn’t want anyone to think that he finds his hurtful behavior to be funny, however.

“I’m, like, laughing out of embarrassment right now,” he explains.

He goes on: “Like, how you thought you was going to get away with that one?”

How Did This Affect His Future?
The former NBA star also confessed that he “wasn’t a good test-taker,” so he arranged for someone else to take his SATs. When UNLV learned of this cheating, it rescinded his basketball scholarship.

Khloe and Lamar dated for only one month before they decided to marry in 2009.

If you’re thinking that barely knowing someone and then marrying them is not a recipe for a long, successful marriage … you’re right.

Four years later, Khloe and Lamar separated. However, they did not immediately divorce in 2013.

Lamar Odom Memoir Press Tour
Lamar Odom sits down to promote his book, Darkness to Light: A memoir

Khloe delayed filing for divorce.

In fact, she also paused the divorce process in 2015 — for the best of reasons.

Lamar suffered a near-fatal overdose that year. Khloe used her spousal rights as his wife to help with his care and recovery. Only later, in 2016, did they finalize their divorce.

Kris Jenner Tried to Set Him Up
As their marriage fell apart, Lamar writes that Kris called him and said that Khloe wanted to speak with him after a SoulCycle class. However, when he approached Khloe outside of the studio, she had no idea what was going on… and photographers were there filming the whole incident.

Lamar has spoken out multiple times — some statements more tasteful than others — about his many regrets about what he put Khloe through.

Last year, he spoke about his intention to “try my damndest” to reconnect with his ex-wife.

“I would probably just want to take her to dinner,” Lamar expressed. “It would be a blessing just to be in her presence to just tell her I’m sorry and what a fool I was.”