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Little People, Big World wrapped up its latest season this past Tuesday night.

But the finale did not mark the end of an ongoing feud between Matt Roloff and and his son, Zach.

The episode was filmed a few months ago, back when Roloff Farms was celebrating its busiest and most prosperous time of the year: pumpkin season.

However, Zach and wife Tori chose not to attend and/or help out.

And the basis for this snub?

Matt’s decision back in May first to put a portion of his property up for sale… and then to state on social media that he first tried to give his kids a deal in order for them to buy it.

Zach didn’t just call BS on this claim.

He totally called his dad out… as a cowardly manipulator!

Ever since, as we witnessed on the last several installments of Little People, Big World, there’s been extreme tension between Zach, Tori, Matt and Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Last we checked, very little had changed between father and son.

And now an insider tells The Sun that, long after filming has ceased, the rivalry remains.

“Matt and Caryn are really disappointed over the feud, they never could have imagined things would have come to this,” this publication claims.

Moreover, this source alleges that Matt and Caryn are looking down these days on the examples Zach and Tori have been setting for their three young kids:

“They would never publicly slam their parenting, but there are some things they just wouldn’t do … like keeping children from their grandparents.”

TLC has not yet given a green light to a new season of Little People, Big World.

If it does return, speculation is running rampant that Chandler will not be part of the cast.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are out and about and having a blast in this photo.

Might Tori and Zach’s time on the series be running short as well?

“Zach and Tori are already distancing themselves more and more and their future on the show is looking shaky, especially now they are in Washington,” The Sun adds in this latest report.

Far more important, of course, is the couple’s relationship with Matt and its loved ones.

But it doesn’t sound as if this will be improving any time soon, really.

Concluded The Sun, citing the stance at the moment of both Matt and Caryn:

“They will not be apologizing first, as they feel hurt, but they want to come together and for everyone to just sit and take responsibility for their part.

“They would like a full reunion and for things to get back on track before it’s too late.

“Things have really soured in recent months.”