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In a recent interview, Nora Fatehi, a renowned actress-dancer in Bollywood, shared insights into her journey in the industry. Candidly, she disclosed being pressured to date particular actors as a means to forge public relations and advance her career. Despite the expectations, Nora courageously rejected those notions, opting to rely solely on her talent to carve her path to success. Her unwavering determination and dedication have since paved the way for her prominence in Bollywood.

During her conversation with Zoom Entertainment, Nora Fatehi fearlessly revealed, “I was constantly told, ‘Oh, you know, you should date specific people and date for PR…’ I am glad that I never listened to any of that.” She firmly asserted that her achievements were solely her own and credited no one else for her success, stating, “It’s on my own, and everyone else is just a plus.”

In the early days of her film career, the 31-year-old dancer received various pieces of advice, including being advised against doing songs, which ironically contributed to her rise to fame. She also faced counsel against participating in reality shows. Despite the skepticism, Nora went on to achieve tremendous popularity, particularly after the massive success of the song “Dilbar.” Her growing fame led her to aspire for international concerts, demonstrating her ambition to reach greater heights in her career.

Recounting her journey, Nora Fatehi shared, “I remember there was this one person, to whom, after the success of ‘Dilbar,’ I was saying, ‘Alright, now I want to also focus on opening up another market. I want to go international. Let’s do here, let’s do outside.'” Unfortunately, she received a dismissive response, with someone advising her to stick to just one thing.

However, undeterred by the discouragement, Nora took charge of her destiny and decided to venture into international shows. She expressed her satisfaction with her decision, becoming a rule-maker in her career, operating on her own terms and conditions. “So I’m very proud of that,” remarked the dancer.

Amidst her accomplishments, Nora has been making headlines due to Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s money laundering case. Additionally, she has filed a defamation case against Jacqueline Fernandez. On July 31, Nora Fatehi recorded her statement in the defamation case at Delhi’s Patiala House Court. In her statement, Nora vehemently denied the accusations, stating, “They have called me a gold digger and accused me of having a relationship with a con artist (Sukesh Chandrasekhar) and included my name in an ongoing criminal case to divert attention away from them.” Despite the challenges, Nora stands strong, asserting her truth and principles.