Pippa Middleton, sister of the Princess of Wales, has finally put an end to a year-long battle over Berkshire’s Bucklebury Farm Park, a property she and her husband purchased last year for £1.5 million.

The Changes Middleton Made That Annoyed Neighbors

Middleton and husband James Matthews bought Bucklebury Farm Park last year and quickly got to work on revamping the park. The couple built a covered sitting area very soon after the purchase, and their neighbors took notice.

Some people told the local authorities that Middleton and Matthews built the structure so quickly, they must not have gotten the right permits. Another neighbor heard about the couple’s plans to move a public footpath and complained, claiming that the area was prone to flooding and the new path would create a muddy mess.

There was also concern that the new path would be confusing, as it would be unclear whether it was for cars or people. However, Middleton and Matthews stuck it out and, a year later, have triumphed over the legal issues.

The Couple’s Plans For The Park

The couple received retroactive permission for the covered seating area and have also been given permission to refurbish and revamp an existing “visitor barn,” build a new “play barn,” a storage building, new bathrooms, and a 100-car parking lot.

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Middleton’s nephews and niece will no doubt be excited about this news! Before she and her husband purchased the park, it was a favorite destination of Prince George. Bucklebury Farm Park is just a few miles away from Middleton’s parents’ house, and George was reportedly a big fan of the petting zoo at the park.

Middleton’s Support Of Princess Of Wales’ Christmas Service

Middleton recently stepped out in support of her sister at the Duchess of Cambridge’s annual Christmas carol service.

The princess began doing the televised service last year, and people around the world were stunned when she showed off some musical skills of her own, playing the piano on one song.

This year, the carol service was dedicated to the late Queen Elizabeth and the values she “demonstrated throughout her life, including duty, empathy, faith, service, kindness, compassion and support for others.” The service will air on Christmas Eve.

Middleton’s victory in the battle over those complaining about her and her husband’s planned changes to Bucklebury Farm Park came just in time for Christmas!

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