Rolling Stone recently published a master list containing the “200 Greatest Singers of All Time.” However, the list instantly received backlash for leaving out plenty of worthy names. Here are some of the most shocking snubs from the controversial compilation.

‘Rolling Stone’ Gets Criticized For Major Snubs

For a list, 200 is a big number. It’s not easily skimable, and the average reader will only recognize a fraction of the names. However, once dedicated music lovers parsed through the names, they were quick to notice the ones that apparently didn’t make the cut.

One of the most shocking snubs was the legendary Celine Dion. She’s often referred to as part of the “Vocal Trinity” of the 1990s alongside Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (who both landed in the list’s top five), and she’s one of the best-selling artists of all time. Fans were certainly baffled as to how the publication failed to find room for her in one of its 200 slots.

Then there’s Janet Jackson. Jackson may have been the younger sister of the King of Pop, but she managed to establish herself in her own right. Today, she’s considered one of the most influential figures in pop music. So, once again, how did she not make the cut?

‘Rolling Stone’ Leaves Off EGOT Winners

There are plenty of other missing names that just don’t sit right with us. For example, Justin Bieber, Pink, Madonna, and Dionne Warwick were all left out. However, it’s especially baffling how the publication managed to leave out singers who have achieved EGOT status.

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The EGOT acronym stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony—four of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. Only 17 performers have managed to win all four, and only two of those stars were primarily singers. Those stars are John Legend and Jennifer Hudson, neither of whom made the list.

Legend’s snub was certainly a surprise since the 10-time Grammy winner has more than earned his esteemed position in the industry. However, Jennifer Hudson’s snub was downright baffling. She’s widely accepted as one of the most impressive singers in the business.

Furthermore, Rolling Stone‘s number-one spot went to Aretha Franklin. Funnily enough, Hudson actually starred as Franklin in the 2021 biopic Respect. Since Hollywood decided that Hudson could faithfully emulate Franklin, it’s puzzling that Rolling Stone didn’t deem the singer’s voice worthy of a spot on the list.

Overall, snubs like this just prove that we could never fully reduce history’s greatest voices down to just 200 names. While it’s shocking that some of these names managed to slide past the publication, in our humble opinion, it was certainly inevitable.

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