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Looking for the perfect pair of pants? The struggle is real for those of us with short legs. Even though high-rise pants are on trend and can help create an elongated waist, it can still be a pain to find slacks that fit. Thankfully, there’s now a pair of magical jeans that make even those of us with short legs appear taller. And Sarah Michelle Gellar is all about this look!

At only 5-foot-4, Gellar understands the pain of finding a good pair of pants. Lucky for her and for us, the actress has found a pair of pants by Magali Pascal that makes her legs look longer. In a recent Instagram post, Gellar showed off the jeans that she’s resolved to wear more in the new year.

As the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress wrote, “First New Year’s resolution 2023- only wear pants that make me look much taller than I am. (So expect to see A LOT of me in these.)”

Of course, Gellar’s close friend and Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair reacted to the picture. As Blair said, “Oh. Well. You look wonderful. And soooo tall. And thin… leftover from my mothers most well meaning compliments!”

A New Year’s Resolution We Can Get Behind

Perhaps you have a similar New Year’s resolution. After all, many of us have resolutions that will ultimately help us be, look, and feel our best. With a pair of these Janis Jeans, you’ll be able to check all of those resolutions off your list.

Featuring a slightly cropped leg, the Janis Jeans will help you feel your best. Although the pants may be a slight splurge for some of us, with a mid-waist and ’70s inspired flare leg, it’s worth indulging in the new year. Plus, the pants come in two neutral colors coral and ecru, a yellowish gray color that Gellar sports in the photo. Since the pair comes in multiple options, you may even opt to indulge in both hues.

The stretchy denim material is sure to add to the comfort and elongated look of the pants. With “a unique front patch pocket design with curved, contrast stitching,” you may just follow Gellar’s lead and wear these pants all the time in the new year. As someone with short stocky legs, these pants may just be the perfect pair of jeans that you and I have been looking for!

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