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Urfi Javed, known for her bold fashion choices, frequently becomes a subject of online trolls. Despite facing criticism for her daring outfits, Urfi has consistently disregarded the negativity and expressed herself freely. However, the relentless trolling has taken its toll, affecting her both mentally and physically. Succumbing to the pressure, Urfi admits that she made a regrettable decision to undergo under-eye fillers, influenced by the naysayers. Sharing an unfiltered, makeup-free selfie on Instagram, she candidly discusses the unfortunate outcome of her experience.

Urfi Javed, recognized for her fearless fashion statements, has become a frequent target of online trolls. Despite enduring criticism for her bold attire, Urfi has consistently brushed off negativity and remained true to herself. Nevertheless, the relentless barrage of trolling has taken a toll on both her mental and physical health. Succumbing to the mounting pressure, Urfi openly acknowledges making a regretful decision to undergo under-eye fillers, influenced by the incessant naysayers. In a raw and unfiltered Instagram selfie, devoid of makeup or filters, she candidly shares the unfortunate aftermath of her experience.