Urfi Javed, the epitome of hotness, has once again grabbed attention with her stunning style. Recently, she shared a video on her Instagram account, where she can be seen dancing with Anjali Arora. Urfi Javed, through her vibrant fashion, confidently flaunts her beautiful figure.

Urfi, known for her bold and sizzling avatars, never fails to captivate the audience. The Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi showcases her mesmerizing charm in the video. In the video, Urfi can be seen dancing to a song.

The background of the video features the song “Haye Haye Ye Majboori, Ye Mausam Aur Ye Doori,” Urfi’s latest release. Urfi promotes her new song alongside Anjali Arora in the video.

In the video, while Anjali is seen in a printed maxi dress, Urfi flaunts her glamorous style with a transparent skirt and a bralette. Urfi’s uninhibited dance moves in her trendy attire are highly appreciated by her fans. Once again, Urfi Javed has caught everyone’s attention with her unique style.

Previously, people were crazy about Urfi’s fashion, but today they are mesmerized by her dance. Urfi shared this video on her Instagram account some time ago, and it has received more than 7 lakh plus likes so far. This indicates how much people adore Urfi. She remains very active on social media. On Instagram alone, Urfi has more than 3.6 million followers.