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During the Season 3 finale of The Kardashians, the renowned beauty mogul and social media sensation finally spoke out about the ongoing speculation surrounding her relationship with Stassie.

The rumors first surfaced earlier in the year after intimate photos of Kylie and Stassie emerged, sparking widespread speculation about a potential secret romance between the two. However, in a bid to clear the air, Kylie (25) and Stassie (26) took the opportunity during the season finale to put the record straight.

With a lighthearted and playful demeanor, Kylie addressed the dating rumors head-on, humorously remarking, “Isn’t it hilarious how everyone thinks we’re dating these days? Sure, when we get a little alcohol in our system, we might playfully kiss and all that!” The statement elicited laughter from both women, showcasing the strong bond and shared sense of humor they enjoy in their close friendship.

Stassie and Kylie’s friendship has been a remarkable journey since their early teens, withstanding the tests of time, including Jenner’s fallout with former best friend Jordyn Woods. Despite the ongoing speculations surrounding their relationship, both of them have consistently asserted that their connection remains purely platonic.

Stassie and Kylie

In response to fan theories and speculations about her relationship with Stassie, Kylie candidly addressed the situation. She revealed that many comments from followers suggest that they are in a romantic relationship, but she promptly dismissed those assumptions. Kylie made it clear by stating, “All my comments are, ‘We know you guys are having sex.’ And we are not. I wish we were. It definitely would have been easier if I was actually attracted to you.” With this statement, Kylie unequivocally emphasized that their bond is purely platonic and humorously debunked any rumors of a romantic involvement.

Indeed, with her candid statements, Kylie Jenner took a definitive stance on her relationship with Stassie and put an end to the lingering rumors. By openly addressing the speculation and asserting that their bond is purely platonic, she reaffirmed the enduring strength of their friendship. Kylie’s straightforward approach clarified any misconceptions and provided closure to fans and followers, emphasizing the genuine and steadfast nature of their connection.