Selena Gomez,Francia Raisa

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa share an enduring friendship that spans several years. In the summer of 2017, they made headlines when Francia selflessly donated one of her kidneys to Selena. While the surgery was successful, it wasn’t without its challenges. Francia shared in an interview with ‘W Magazine’ that after the surgery, she received a text from Selena expressing fear, as complications arose. Francia’s active kidney caused a problem, resulting in a broken artery. Emergency surgery was required, during which a new artery was built from Selena’s leg to secure Francia’s kidney in place. The situation was critical, and Francia revealed that Selena’s life was at risk during this ordeal.

Despite the difficulties, their friendship persevered, and they remain close to this day. In their leisure time, they unwind by enjoying Mexican food together, as Francia exclusively told HL. Additionally, both friends have a shared dream of starring in a movie together someday. Their bond remains unbreakable, and they cherish their time as best friends. Check out some heartwarming photos of these two BFFs below!