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Selena Gomez is an absolute stunner in bathing suits, undoubtedly reigning as one of the summer’s swimsuit queens. Whether donning a one-piece or a bikini, Selena exudes captivating allure, and we’ve gathered some of her most alluring swimsuit snapshots to prove it.

One of Selena’s closest friends, Theresa Mingus, has her own swimsuit line, and Selena has been an unwavering supporter from the very beginning. Notably, Selena collaborated on the design of her very own one-piece and bikini for the brand, with a special focus on concealing the singer’s scar from her kidney surgery in 2017. Both suits come in a striking red hue, and the bikini features a high-waisted style, ingeniously concealing the scar with its elevated fit.

As you continue to browse through the gallery, you’ll have the chance to admire Selena in her Krahs swimsuits and witness more of her stunning bathing suit looks!

Selena Gomez In Krahs Swimsuit