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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped a lot of bombshells in their recent Netflix series, but one that shocked viewers was about a conversation between Harry and his brother, Prince William.

Why Markle Wasn’t ‘Invited To Have A Seat At The Table’

The first installment of Harry & Meghan covered the couple’s early lives, how they met, and Markle’s first steps as a member of the royal family. It was the second part, however, that revealed the behind-the-scenes drama between the couple and the rest of the royals.

Harry gave his account of the argument between his father, King Charles III, William, the late Queen Elizabeth, and himself after he and Markle revealed they wanted to step back from their royal duties.

“I sent an email to the three most senior private secretaries saying, ‘Let’s have a meeting, let’s get together and have a meeting and talk about this,”” Harry explained in the series. “Because what was happening, what was playing out in public was crazy. And that meeting was rejected.”

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Markle shared her feelings about the meeting, which was only allowed to take place once she had left the UK and gone to Canada. “Imagine a conversation, a roundtable discussion about the future of your life,” Markle said. “When the stakes are this high. And you … aren’t invited to have a seat at the table.”

Harry Reveals William’s Dramatic Reaction To News

Harry then detailed what went on at the meeting. He was given five options for their future with the royal family, one being all in and five being all out. He chose option three, which meant having their independence but still supporting the queen.

According to Harry, this decision is what started the argument. “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father say things that just simply weren’t true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and take it all in,” he said, admitting that Queen Elizabeth’s “ultimate sort of mission…is the institution [of the monarchy].”

He continued, “The saddest part of it was this wedge created between myself and my brother so that he’s now on the institution’s side. Part of that I get, I understand, right, that’s his inheritance. So to some extent, it’s already ingrained in him that part of his responsibility is the survivability and continuation of this institution.”

William, King Charles, and the rest of the royal family have not commented on Harry & Meghan or any of the things the couple shared in the docuseries. However, it’s clear that Harry and William’s relationship is still tense.

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