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June Shannon has been through a lot in her years as a reality TV star.

Granted, many, if not most, of her problems are self-created but she still deserves credit for turning her life around!

As you probably know, 2022 was a rough one for June.

Her daughters, Alana and Lauryn, cut off contact with her amid escalating reports of self-destructive behavior.

June Shannon can’t seem to get away from trouble in her life. We really do wish her well!

As far as we know, Alana and Lauryn are still launching their own reality show (without Mama June), but other than that, it looks as though relations within the Shannon family have improved tremendously.

June updated fans with a lengthy TikTok post on New Year’s Eve, and it seems that she’s looking forward to 2023 with tremendous optimism!

Shannon happily reported to her followers that she’s engaged in a good deal of self-reflection and experienced some real self-improvement in recent months.

(Many took that as June’s way of saying she’s remained sober. She hasn’t corrected the folks who congratulated her, so we’re hoping they’re right.)

June announced at the start of the video that she intended to “recap” her 2022, and while she certainly didn’t sugarcoat things, she did focus on the positive.

For starters, June got married in 2022, something she didn’t tell her daughters about until after the fact.

June Shannon, Husband
June Shannon and her husband show off their hardware. (Photo via Instagram)

But while the marriage got off to a rocky start, it seems that June and her new dude are still going strong.

“I have grown to know who I am mentally and emotionally and with that, it has helped me with my relationship with my girls,” June said, as first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“We’re actually in Georgia celebrating Pumpkin’s birthday because I won’t be in town on her actual birthday next week. So I love that and we’re trying to do that once a week.”

Mama June and her daughters. (Photo via Instagram)

After assuring fans that her relationship with her daughters is on relatively solid ground, June opened up about her marriage.

“I actually went and got married this year and that is something that I thought I would never have the opportunity to do, but I found the man of my dreams, someone that I thought that I would never find either,” Shannon said.

“Someone that I love, someone that I appreciate, someone that I care about, someone that I can share my secrets with, someone that I can share my life with in general.”

June Shannon Looks Sad
June Shannon has had a difficult couple of years. But it seems she’s very optimistic about 2023! (Photo via WeTV)

Yes, Shannon can barely contain her glee when talking about Justin Stroud.

And why should she?

This is a woman who has dated some real losers in the past, but she seems confident that she got it right this time around.

Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud
June Shannon poses with husband Justin Stroud.(Photo via Instagram)

Of course, we don’t really know how her daughters feel about the guy.

But given the fact that they’ve welcomed June back into their lives, they must be at least cautiously optimistic.

Here’s hoping 2023 will live up to June’s lofty expectations!