During the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All special Part 1, two cast members were fast friends.

Jenny Slatten and Kimberly Menzies had a lot in common — from their hometowns to their love lives to their specific challenges this season.

Before setting foot on the Tell All stage, Jenny opened up about how nice it felt to be back in America.

And she confessed that moving back to America without Sumit might not be out of the question.

While experiencing “reverse culture shock” in New York after three years in India, Jenny Slatten went on a walk with Kimberly.

They both know what the other has gone through. In fact, both were with men whose mothers feel entitled to grandchildren. And, sadly, both were with men who felt pressure to meet those demands.

To be blunt, Jenny felt pretty over the endless drama from Sumit Singh’s disapproving family.

Jenny has adjusted to many aspects of living in India. But she’s not sure that it’s the best place to continue their marriage.

“It’s just like, ‘Come, let’s go to America and let’s just see how it is,’” she explained to Kimberly.

Part of it is about Jenny missing her family, sure. But part of it is about exposing Sumit to a healthier environment.

“So he can experience a loving family,” Jenny explained, referring to her own relatives who support their marriage.

This would be a refreshing change of pace “instead of always fighting and everyone screaming and crying all the time.”

“And you know,” Jenny observed, “it just gets to be too much after a while.”

In contrast, Jenny’s family supports the marriage.

And, even if they didn’t, they wouldn’t disown Jenny for marrying the man whom she loves.

Sumit deserves, Jenny argued, to see what unconditional love and support really look like. That has not been his experience with his family.

It is very reasonable for Sumit to feel concerned about how he might adjust to living in the US.

He is fluent in English, but the cultural differences could see him making the same adjustments that Jenny has had to.

More pressingly, for Sumit, is that he retains his obsession with regaining his toxic family’s love. So he’s not eager to move.

Ahead of the beginning of the (formal) Tell All, Kimberly asked Jenny a very fair question about her plans.

“Would you come [to the U.S.] without him?” she asked her friend.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Jenny admitted.

“I think it’s time for us to come and live in America,” Jenny then expressed.

She stated that “He needs to see that.”

Deciding where to live can make or break a couple. Sometimes, it’s just the final straw after a litany of issues.

But on the Tell All stage, Sumit gushed over how much he misses Jenny even during this short time apart.

Jenny had returned to film in person, while Sumit had to remain in India.

His affectionate words brought tears to Jenny’s eyes. It was very sweet.

Jenny confided in Kimberly that she has been seeing “changes with other family members, but never his mom.”

Sadly, Sumit’s parents are “never gonna accept me.” That is bad news when Sumit is as emotionally dependent upon his parents as he is.

“Kim says I need to put my foot down and be strong and I need to get him,” Jenny told the camera, “convince him to come back with me to America. So, it’s either India or me.”

“It’s just kind of something I’m thinking about right now,” Jenny admitted.

However, social media clues suggest that not only is Jenny back in India after an extended visit to Palm Springs, but vibing a bit more with Sumit’s family.

Not his mom — but it looks like they spent some of the holidays around Sumit’s brother Amit and his wife, Shree.