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Many children of celebrities end up looking exactly like their famous parents, but a new social media post has us seeing double! Mark Wahlberg just posted a photo of his daughter alongside a snap of himself when he was younger, and the pair looks just alike.

Wahlberg Posts Throwback Photo To Show Off Family Resemblance

In the post, the actor features a photo of his 12-year-old daughter, Grace, standing next to a horse. Grace is an accomplished equestrian, and Wahlberg frequently posts pictures of her at her competitions.

Next to Grace’s picture is a photo of a young Wahlberg, sporting long hair and the same small smile that is on his daughter’s face. “They say we look alike?” the actor joked in the caption. Many of his followers were quick to comment on the likeness between father and daughter.

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“Y’all twinning,” Mario Lopez wrote. “My daughter & I too :)” One fan commented, “Yes, you do look alike. However, she is better looking!!!”

Others referred to the movie Rock Star, which Wahlberg was starring in when he grew his hair out. Many of his followers wrote “Stand Up and Shout” under the post, the title of a popular song from the film.

Wahlberg’s Children Are Unimpressed By His Fame

Wahlberg shares Grace with his wife, Rhea Durham. He and Durham started dating in 2001 and tied the knot in 2009. The couple shares three other children: Ella, 20; Michael, 17; and Brendan, 15.

Horses are Grace’s passion, but the rest of Wahlberg’s kids are equally driven. Both Michael and Brendan often join their dad on the golf course, while Ella has worked as a model and actress.

According to Wahlberg, his kids are not impressed by his Hollywood career—and that’s just how he likes it. “[My fame] is a nonissue for them,” he said of his kids in an Us Weekly interview.

“They only pull the ‘Dad’s famous’ card when they want to go to a concert or meet someone famous. They see me as Dad and that’s all I want. They see it as more of a pain when we are being followed on the street, but they deal with it really well and I’m proud of them.”

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Wahlberg’s recent Instagram post shows off just how much his youngest daughter resembles the actor—and serves as a reminder of one of Wahlberg’s more off-the-wall style choices!

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