From the first time Charlize Theron laid eyes on Hollywood, she was willing to do things her own way. Even though she had been “discovered” as a model in South Africa at the age of 16, Theron was looking for more of a challenge than modeling gave her. Turns out, Hollywood gave her more opportunities than the actress ever dreamed of.

The funny thing is, even though modeling wasn’t the career path she wanted to pursue, Theron continues to model to this day. And it’s still giving her new problems to deal with. In fact, Theron’s modeling career has her pre-teen daughter telling her to “put a shirt on!”

As an actress, model, producer, and mom of two, Theron seems to able to do it all. The 47 year old has starred in at least 66 movies, served as a model for 31 years, and has her own production company, Denver & Delilah. While most people would be impressed with this resume, Theron’s kids are questioning some of her career choices.

‘Mom, It Feels Like You Can’t Hold A Job’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Theron shared that her two kids are very opinionated about the type of work she does. Her daughters—Jackson, 10, and August, 7—are even confused about what her career is. Her youngest child has even said, “Oh my God, Mom, it feels like you can’t hold a job.”

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But it’s the pre-teen that really finds Theron’s work questionable. In fact, Theron shared a time when her daughter was mortified by her modeling work. As Theron recalled, “We’re walking through an airport and [she sees me on a Dior billboard] and she’s just like, ‘Oh my God, you’re on a f*cking wall with no shirt, Mom. This is so embarrassing. Put a shirt on!’ And I’m like, ‘That will pay for your college!’” Theron said as she laughed at the memory.

While it may be tough for the pre-teen to have a mom that’s in the public eye, we’re sure that one day she’ll appreciate all the work Theron has done. At the very least, the actress hopes this is the case.

“Deep down, like every mother, I just want to f*cking impress them,” Theron admitted. With all the work Theron has done and continues to do, we can only imagine how impressed Theron’s daughters will be with her as they grow older!

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