Married life apparently looks very good on Tammy Slaton.

We mean this literally, as the 1,000-Lb Sisters star recently uploaded a social media photo that featured her looking as slimmed down as ever before.

But we also mean this emotionally, considering what Slaton just told People Magazine.

“Our wedding day was perfect, there was so much love in the room,” the 36-year old just told this outlet. “I literally married my best friend.”

That best friend, of course, is named Caleb Willingham.

He’s a resident at the same weight loss/treatment facility that Tammy has called home since early 2022.

“She began dating Caleb in rehab, and I’m so happy they met in-person and were not dating online,” an insider told The Sun this fall, shortly after news broke that Willingham had proposed in the parking lost of this facility in Ohio.

“They have a lot of the same struggles that they can share. They’ve been a huge support for each other [in rehab], which is awesome.”

Wow, huh?!?! It’s a brand new Tammy Slaton, as the reality star has clearly dropped a great deal of weight.

Slaton and Willingham got married on November 20 at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

“You all knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now you’ll all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” she said at the time. “I’m married now!”

Tammy donned a white gown and tiara for the big day, while being surrounded by approximately 30 loved ones — including sister and co-star Amy.

Caleb reportedly intends to move to Kentucky to spend more time with his wife after the two leave the aforementioned center.

We’re just a couple weeks away, meanwhile, from the return of 1000-Lb. Sisters.

Season 4 premieres on January 17 at 9/8c and recent previews have taken fans back to the medical crisis that landed Tammy in the hospital several months ago.

In footage we’ve witnessed thus far, Tammy is given a tracheotomy — a surgical procedure that creates a hole in the throat to insert a breathing tube — to make sure doctors could give her emergency breathing support at any point.

Despite the health scare, she boasts, “I’m still here, bitches!”

We also see how close Tammy came to dying in one of the trailer released online.

In November,, upon announcing 1,000-Lb Sisters was coming back for Season 4, TLC included a synopsis that read:

Tammy makes “a life-altering decision” after surviving a near-death experience.

Amy, expecting her second baby, isn’t sure how being an overweight mother will work, while Chris is desperate to qualify for skin removal surgery.

1000-Lb Sisters Photo
Say hello to the 1000-Lb Sisters. This is a promotional photo of Amy and Tammy Slaton.

As for her marriage, Slaton concluded to People she’s never ben happier or more content.

“I love waking up every morning and seeing his face,” she told this publication this week.

“And seeing his face every night before going to bed.”