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The Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss witnessed the return of none other than the charismatic Karan Johar. In a recently circulated video across fan pages, Karan is seen giving Isha Malviya a piece of advice for delving into Munawar Faruqui’s personal life on the public platform. With his trademark style, Karan imparts words of wisdom, stating, “Agar Munawar ki baatein public forum me discuss honi chahiye, to Isha ki bhi saari baatein bahar aani chahiye. [If Munawar’s matters should be discussed on a public forum, then all of Isha’s matters should be out in the open too.]” Isha responds in a hushed tone, “Sir, I don’t want to discuss this.” To which Karan retorts, “Apne bare mein nahi discuss karna chahti. Dusre pe keechad uchalna aapko acha lagta hai. [You don’t want to discuss your own matters but enjoy throwing mud on others.] Is this not a double standard, Isha? It’s bloody hell double standards.”

The Unveiling of Double Standards:

Karan Johar, known for his candidness, doesn’t shy away from pointing out double standards. The interaction between him and Isha Malviya highlights the often overlooked dichotomy in discussions about personal matters on public platforms.

Karan’s Advice to Vicky Jain:

In another attention-grabbing video, Karan is seen advising Vicky Jain on standing up for his wife Ankita Lokhande. Karan suggests, “National television pe jab aapki maa Ankita ko aake sawaal puchti hai, tab ek pati hone ke naate aapko unke peeche khade rehna chahiye. Aur mai yeh nahi keh raha ki unko kuch bhi kehna chahiye, apne maa ke khilaaf. All he needed to do was ask you ki, ‘Ankita, kya hua?’ [When your mother questions Ankita on national television, as a husband, you should stand by her. And I’m not saying that he should say anything against his mother. All he needed to do was ask you, ‘Ankita, what happened?’]”

Unraveling a Personal Conversation:

The video further unfolds as Vicky Jain seeks clarification, “Kya bola gaya, mujhe bata na? [What was said? Tell me.]” Ankita Lokhande opens up about the conversation, stating, “Meri mummy ko papa ne phone kiya tha. Bola ki ‘aap apne pati ko aise hi maarti thi kya chappal jutey phenk ke.’


Karan Johar, with his unmistakable presence, continues to add spice to the drama on Bigg Boss. These intriguing moments not only captivate the audience but also bring to light the complexities and double standards prevalent in discussions about personal matters on a public platform. The insights and advice provided by Karan serve as a reflection on relationships and societal expectations, making Weekend Ka Vaar all the more riveting for the viewers.